Sunday, August 19, 2012

Running your happy pace and showing off the bling


Today I got to run. It's been 5 days or so and felt like forever. I picked up a freelance job this week playing being a wardrobe stylist for a television shoot. It's a challenging job and we worked long 13 and 14 hour days with early morning call times. It was tough but I've gotta pay the bills while building the empire ;-)

I have to say it absolutely sucks when I don't get to run. I get crabby easily and feel a little off. So I was very much looking forward to a solid run today.

It was glorious. Perfectly cool/no humidity/overcast skies allowed for a freeing 4 mile run.

I just felt good. My first mile I ran around 11 min. mile pace. On the slower side for me now-a-days (tho I remember times where I would've considered that fast!)

And I didn't care if it was 11 min mile or 13 min mile. It just felt good and right.

The rest of the run picked up and I averaged out at 10'18 min mile. It was my happy pace. And sometimes it feels nice to just run without worry of trying to run fast or anything.

And speaking of happy paces, check out this awesome medal rack that Running On The Wall sent me:

Nice rack, baby

They hand make these and I love how pretty it looks. I decided to hang it in my bedroom so I can see it all the time. It came in the nick of time because prior to getting it, I've just kind of had my recent medals in a shoe box looking like this:

I kept meaning to get something but just hadn't. Darling hubby did give me this cool thing for Christmas but lets face it, I plan on running a lot of races! I can't put all of my bling in shadow boxes!

I do have to say that every time I see it, I smile. 

If you've been thinking of getting your bling out of a shoe box and on to the wall - I would encourage you to check out Running On The Wall. They've got tons of cute styles and designs and even this nifty thing for your bibs:

Of course it taunts me with the NYC marathon bib…
One day I'll run my dream race!

You can find Running On The Wall on Facebook.

Do you have a medal rack? How do you show off your bling? Have you run this week? Do you get cranky when you skip a couple of run days?


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PSS: Running on the Wall sent me this medal rack as a gift but I chose to blog about it because I love it, it's cute and I appreciate the good will.

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