Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's my running birthday! Gonna run like it's my running birthday!

Well, actually - I suck. My "running birthday" was Feb. 8th and with how busy I have been - it came and went and I forgot to celebrate!  You can read my very first post here.


I'm not one to skip a celebration, so though I write this on Feb. 10th - I'm partying today like it's my running birthday!

I am in LA again this week. Lucky me has been invited to attend the GRAMMY awards for the second year in a row.  The company that I cofounded with my biz partner and running buddy, Angela - produced this really (if I do say so myself) awesome documentary called: Happy On The Ground: 8 Days at GRAMMY Camp. We worked closely with the GRAMMY peeps so we get to go.

Anyhoo, in honor of my one year running birthday, I ran around Angela's lovely LA neighborhood - and got treated to this:

Actual street I ran this morning

Instead of this:
my usual tread at gym

I am also running the 10K Firecracker run through Downtown LA on Sunday and can't wait - looks like a great race.

And in honor of my birthday… take it away 50…


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