Friday, February 25, 2011

On the road again…

New sneakers!
This morning I decided would be the day that I laced up and got to running. I even had a brand new pair of sneakers for the occasion, my old ones were really beyond the miles and I ordered these Saucony ones that got the "Best Runners" award.  I love them.

Anyway, so off to the treadmill I went. I've never been so excited to step on a treadmill in my life. The last day or two the ankle hardly even felt any different than it did pre-injury so I felt like it was the right time.

I walked briskly for the first 5 minutes and then jogged at a 4.7 for a a few minutes to just test. I went up to 5.0 and topped out at around 5.5.  It felt a little tight here and there but not bad. Ironically my calf, the other ankle and the opposite side hip were all feeling a little off but I'm assuming that's from all the compensation limping/walking for the last 2 weeks.

After every mile I walked for a minute (which I never do) just to make sure I was doing OK. I was. I was dying to run faster and go further. I refrained. Though the wannabe athlete was screaming to go-go-go! The mommy in me scolded, there's no hurry -better steady and ready than pushing too hard too fast and setting yourself back. So that's what I did.

And right now it feels great. If I wake up feeling this good I might do another 4 or 5 tomorrow.


It was only 2 weeks but it felt like forever. How do people handle longer injuries?

It wasn't a fast run but it was a successful one and I'm feeling pretty optimistic.


PS:  LOVE the Runner's Warehouse got those sneaks on sale from an original $115 to $52!  If you overpronate and need a stability sneak, I'm loving this one… here's the link.

PSS: The other nice thing about RW is they have a super easy return policy, I had to return a pair of sneaks earlier that didn't work out and it was free and simple.
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