Friday, February 25, 2011

On the road again…

New sneakers!
This morning I decided would be the day that I laced up and got to running. I even had a brand new pair of sneakers for the occasion, my old ones were really beyond the miles and I ordered these Saucony ones that got the "Best Runners" award.  I love them.

Anyway, so off to the treadmill I went. I've never been so excited to step on a treadmill in my life. The last day or two the ankle hardly even felt any different than it did pre-injury so I felt like it was the right time.

I walked briskly for the first 5 minutes and then jogged at a 4.7 for a a few minutes to just test. I went up to 5.0 and topped out at around 5.5.  It felt a little tight here and there but not bad. Ironically my calf, the other ankle and the opposite side hip were all feeling a little off but I'm assuming that's from all the compensation limping/walking for the last 2 weeks.

After every mile I walked for a minute (which I never do) just to make sure I was doing OK. I was. I was dying to run faster and go further. I refrained. Though the wannabe athlete was screaming to go-go-go! The mommy in me scolded, there's no hurry -better steady and ready than pushing too hard too fast and setting yourself back. So that's what I did.

And right now it feels great. If I wake up feeling this good I might do another 4 or 5 tomorrow.


It was only 2 weeks but it felt like forever. How do people handle longer injuries?

It wasn't a fast run but it was a successful one and I'm feeling pretty optimistic.


PS:  LOVE the Runner's Warehouse got those sneaks on sale from an original $115 to $52!  If you overpronate and need a stability sneak, I'm loving this one… here's the link.

PSS: The other nice thing about RW is they have a super easy return policy, I had to return a pair of sneaks earlier that didn't work out and it was free and simple.


Jason said...

Runner's Warehouse is awesome for sure.

Congrats on the run. You are going to do great in San Diego...keep on keeping on.

nicole said...

yay!!! so glad you are back, and NEW sneaks too!!

Jen said...

Woo hoo! Thanks guys :)

Caroline said...

I love that website!
happy that you are back!
good for you and take it easy..better go safe at first and not have any set backs...right?

Rose said...

Good job holding yourself back so you don't hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

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