Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The agony of defeat... (and da-ankle)

Still not running, and the ankle is still bothering me a bit.  I'm planning on giving it a 3 mile run this Friday and see how I feel after. I honestly don't care about the pain so much as long as it's not getting furthered injured - but I don't know, does pain automatically mean something is wrong?

I've done the stationary bike a few times but I find that to be the most boring thing on the planet - it makes the treadmill look like a roller coaster ride of thrills in comparison. Holy boring. If my weight loss depended on an exercise bike, I'd be in trouble, but, I'm hanging in there.

I feel how this lady looks.
On a side note about the marathon training. I'm freaking out. I really am. I am SUPER confused with what I should effing be doing to catch up. I was behind in miles because of the winter from hell prior to injury - Now, I feel like I'm no where near where I should be at this point. My plan was to follow the NIKE+ training program to a perfect T and then go to the marathon comfortably knowing that the work was done, the miles run, and have nothing to worry about. I thrive off following "the plan" and knowing that I'm prepared. I feel like I'm heading into a final exam without having read the book.

I have no idea how to approach the next few months - do I just pick up where I left off and come in short or do I try to jump in 3 weeks later and suck up the leap in miles?  I've missed, a few 16 mile long runs at this point and this weeks long run is supposed to be 18 miles!  So what do I do? My longest "long run" has been 14 miles and that HURT…  Do I jump right back in (as if with still nursing a sprained ankle and running18 miles or 8 miles, for that matter, is even possible)  - I think going for 18 miles anytime soon might not happen.  I feel so behind. I really need guidance about if it's even possible to get back on track here. I'm very confused.  Help?

The back up solution is dropping to run the half. I'm not all jazzed about that option but I might have to go that way if I can't figure this out.


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