Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five unexpected things that I'm enjoying now that I'm thinner

I lost 2.5 more pounds at WW this week - so I'm down a total of 91.5 pounds! In honor of that, I'm going to celebrate being thinner today. 

OK - so it might be a little obnoxious, but I worked hard to get here. I've been overweight for so long and for so much of my life that I had no idea how nice it would be in a "normal" sized body. 

I am here to say, so far it rocks. 

People would say, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" and I would chuckle to myself and think - you just haven't found the right food. (And I would still argue that there are some foods like creme brulee that comes pretty damn close to tasting that good.)

In any case, I'm writing this list out for those future moments where I'll want to blow off working out or binge eat, pig out or just plain over do-it. I want to keep the weight off forever and I'll be printing this list out and stapling it to my forehead (or the fridge) for constant reminder. 

The unexpected (or not so unexpected) good side effects of being 90 pounds thinner:

1.  Chairs have become so much bigger. It sounds silly but I am not kidding, certain chairs would be super uncomfortable because my ample hips, thighs and a$$ would require so much room. Flying was a nightmare, not only would I cozily and embarrassingly spill into my neighbors seat but the arm rests would dig into my flub uncomfortably. UGH. It just sucked. But now, those same seats are downright roomy and I'm so appreciative of that.

2.  Proud to go to the doctor. OK, this might sound crazy but I've always been an "A" student. I like gold stars and being patted on the head for good behavior. I am finally not only not embarrassed to record my weight on a doc's chart but downright proud of the number. And pleassse lets do my blood pressure because I'm sure that's pretty good now too. 

3.  It's easier to get dressed. When I was heavy, just going to meet a friend for coffee was a nightmare. I never liked how anything look and was always paranoid of fat sticking out. Is my a$$ covered? Do I have "muffin top?" Is this shirt "too clingy?" Now, I just get dressed minus the self loathing drama.

4.  Movement is easier. At 236, my knees hurt, my back ached, my feet would get sore. None of those symptoms affect me anymore and those pains could spring up from just a stroll around the mall. Plus, if I have to get through a crowd, shimmy past people in a crowded restaurant, walk extra far - it's all way, way easier.

5.  I run faster. Sure, this is a combination of training, hard work and practice but lets face it - running with all those extra pounds strapped to your body would slow anyone down. 

What have you found along the way of your weight loss or health journey that you didn't expect?


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