Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not running really sucks


It's been less than a week since my last run but it feels like forever.

I am grateful that it's a minor sprain (I can get around) but this not running thing is driving me crazy.

The bitchy voices in my head won't let up: "you did this to yourself," "you're going to slip backwards," "you messed up your training and will never run a marathon," and my favorite - "you are already getting fat again."

Seriously.  And I weighed myself today fully expecting to have gained 10 pounds - braced for it, in fact. I was hoping that the damage might be a little less… like only a five pound gain. Started the pep talk of what I'll have to do to shed the new weight.  Then I got on the scale, I'm the same exact weight as I was prior to the accident. But that's how crazy I  make myself.

I'm dealing though. What can you do? Even though I injured myself in an annoyingly stupid way,  injuries happen to the best of them. Would I be beating myself up any less if I tripped over a rock while running? Slipped on an ice patch from daring myself to run in crappy weather or something? Probably not - though I would feel slightly less embarrassed I guess. 

I plan on making friends with an exercise bike tomorrow. Wish I had access to a pool.

I couldn't get to the gym today. I did do a million arm exercises with some weights and ten minutes of abs to feel like I was doing something - but I couldn't break a sweat and barely got my heart rate up, but trying to keep my head in some kind of place of fitness.

What have you done to cope during an injury?


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