Monday, December 6, 2010

Marathon motivators - Birds of a feather run together

Angela's enviable bling
Who knew where this running journey would take me? The friends I've made has been one of the biggest payoffs of the whole thing and I feel truly lucky to have been embraced by a community of other runners - it makes this thing so much more full filling.

Yesterday these friends victoriously ran marathons:

Jason slammed his PR in a full, Lesley raced her way to her first PR and personal victory in 26.2, Julie and Kiana ran their first full in Vegas and Angela added yet another piece of bling to her own medal collection by running the RNR Vegas half and word on the street is Marathon Maiden (another blogger I follow) had an unreal showing in Dallas by placing 2nd in her age and 8th overall for females in the full!
*Please click on the links to read their blogs and hear first hand of their amazing journies.

All those success stories definitely spurred me onto run my five miles this morning even tho I was feeling lazy and slightly scared of the cold...  All of these marathoning friends continue to inspire me and make me happy. I love my non-running friends but they don't entirely understand this passion, don't get the need for sports beans and question why I really, really want under armour instead of cashmere for Christmas. So connecting with this running community has been pretty awesome. And appropriately, it's nice to have someone to give me the kick in the ass I need when it seems cold out or I'm feeling lazy. I love the "suck it ups" or "just do its..." sometimes you just have to have someone nudge you.  PS: The cold was great once I got going.

By the way, I am not discounting my non-runner friends. Many of them are the loudest to cheer my success, the first to pat me on the back and even offer the kindest advice. I appreciate every single person who's been a friend to me in this journey. Takes a village to raise a runner - the whole village.

Anyway, in other news:

If you remember, I was pretty peeved over the scale last week at weigh in for being up 5 pounds.  Well, as suspected, the weight gain was probably some strange fluctuation because this week I was down 7.8 pounds - which is just a crazy number but I'll take it.  -84 pounds now and getting close to goal.

I got into a small fight with hubby over race fees. He has started to doing the math and between the NJ shore half and SD RNR, he's starting to get that these things add up. Money is tight. Everything is super budgeted, but the race fees are kind of a luxury necessity that I refuse to give up. In fact, if it weren't for expense I'd be running at least two more  halfs. Ah well. What can you do? I have come to realize that having big goals and races to train for is absolutely CRITICAL for my success. I would've run for 2 miles today if I wasn't training. Does fees deter you from entering more races?

My formula seems to be: BIG GOAL + ACCOUNTABILITY (blogging/friends) = keep going.


PS: iRunner wrote a cool blog about the $$ of race fees that can be found here.

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