Friday, December 3, 2010

Long run day musings

I have this thing about long run days - part of me really looks forward to them, it's always a challenge to rise to and I always feel amazingly accomplished when I'm done. It is still fairly new for me to be able to run for any sustained time without stopping. I mean, lets remember a year ago at this time, the only running I was doing was to my car, if it was raining, to get holiday gifts. And in said car, was the only way I was traveling 10 miles anyplace, so - there you have it.

Every long run I do is a mini victory, it's a feat I carry in my pocket proudly and I look forward to that dose of "good for me" every week.

On the flip side, there's a small part of me that finds the long run, well, freakin' long... and by the way, thanks to the fact that eventually I'll have to run 26 miles, it's just going to get longer. I have to carve out a minimum of 2 hours for the long run (soon to get longer) and that takes sacrifice and work. I am a partner in a media business that my partner Angela and I have been building that requires full time attention (though, thankfully with a partner who is also a runner, she supports the running thing...), a part time (paid) blogging gig that requires me to do a lot of writing and a toddler that rambles in at 3pm... not to mention all the other stuff that goes along with being a mom and wife... Sorry the laundry hasn't been done, dear. Long run day. OOOPS.

Oh well, it is what it is - Finding balance. I make it a priority because ultimately it's a meaningful journey (and this running blog would be pretty lame if I didn't have any running to talk about.)

Long run days also scare me - looking ahead to next Friday where I'll be jumping to (gulp) 12 miles... oofa.

As we approach this weekend, I have a bunch of friends racing this weekend that I'm very excited about!

Julie and Angela (partner, and one of my BFF's) are running RNR Vegas! - Julie is full, Ang is half!
Natalie, Lesley and Jason are running White Rock in Dallas! Jason is going to set his PR this weekend, I'm so thrilled for him!

My virtual sign for you guys... It cracked me up - hope you like it :)

And I'm running to a baby shower but will be thinking of all my marathoning friends and wishing I was in Vegas/Dallas with big awesome signs, cheering you all on... Because you guys are showing me what the long run day is really all about!

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