Saturday, June 12, 2010

I gained 3.4 pounds and it's all good

So, as predicted, my weight watcher weigh-in was a slight horror.  Up 3.4 pounds since my last visit.

But I'm OK with it.  Besides my Latino food festivities of yesterday, what else could I expect?  In the last 3 weeks, I've:

started a new writing job
moved to a new home and town
traveled to Los Angeles
lost a freakin' toe nail
lost time training thanks to said toe nail
continued to work full time at launching a media business
worked all last weekend at a freelance job 
continued to deal with a deadline over my head for an important writing project
and (deep breath)
not to mention the day to day of raising a toddler, taking care of my home, etc...

I have to tell you, I'm cutting myself a fricken break.  Why would I beat myself up and not celebrate that I've ONLY gained 3.4 pounds!  If I was chatting with a friend (instead of myself)  I would tell her, she was doing well.  So, I'm celebrating that, I've fallen but I am getting back up again.  I'm celebrating that if I've learned anything over these last 3 years of Weight Watchin' that some weeks there'll be good weigh ins and some weeks there'll be bad ones, because that's life.  I am reminding myself that once in a while we'll fall but it's not the end of the journey.  In fact it's a big part of it.

It's in our greatest "mistakes" we learn the most about ourselves.  About perseverance, about what we are made of.  This is where we grow... (even though I wish I wasn't growing so literally!) 

I sometimes think we get it wrong in the WW meetings.  They give stars and applause to the people who've lost weight, who's in the throes of smooth sailing.  That's all find and good.  It is well deserved.  But I think we should celebrate the times that we aren't sailing so smoothly.  We're down a first mate, the waters are rough, we're being battered and bruised, yet -- still make it through?  

I've decided to wear my 3.4 gain like a badge of honor - just until I can take those pounds off and get my next shiny star.


PS:  I'm giving up the countdown in the entry title- it's too annoying and it's too far away to be interesting, I think.


Nicole said...

I love it..I am with you. Why beat yourself up? Has that really worked in the past? For me that=more overeating & more bad feelings. Hold your head high!! <3

Unknown said...

thanks, Nik. XO -- Nope, beating yourself up really does not an ounce of good and really, who's living the rest of their lives 100% perfect 100% of the time - no one. Once we can accept that, it gets a little easier.