Saturday, May 16, 2015

Runniversary Edition: Sixth Year of run and fun at the New Jersey Half Marathon

I'm filled with such gratitude that I once again got to return to the New Jersey Shore to run my favorite half marathon.

This was my sixth year in a row!

4:30 AM and ready to go
The weather was good and I ran with a few good friends and we ran for fun. It gave me great joy to return once again. For a minute it looked like I might have to be away for business. And actually I was but I managed to get in the day before and still pull off running my favorite race. 

Mile after mile of this race reminds me how far I've come. 

I've had ups and downs along the way but I will forever be eternally grateful for that one February day in 2010 I signed up for it for the first time. 

The bling

Next stops are a few OLY triathlons over the summer and then my dream race: NYC Marathon. :)

Do you have a favorite race or a race that you try to never miss? What's your longest streak of doing the same race?

Hope you are well!