goals n races

Updates in purple as of Feb. 2016 - Goals originally created in 2011. 

To run another marathon  - namely, the ING NYC marathon. DONE 

Complete an Olympic (maybe even a 70.3 distance someday) triathlon! DONE (the Olympic) 

To run faster and remain injury free. Eh. not faster but have remained mostly injury free (knock on wood!)

To maintain my 100 pound weight loss. Have kept most of it off - at least 80 pounds at any given time - always working at it! :) 

To inspire, encourage, support and be a friend to others who are looking to start their own weight loss, running or life-changing journey. I hope this has been the case :) 


Jersey Shore half marathon 5/10 - TIME 3:19

Jersey City half marathon 9/10 - TIME 3:03

Jersey Shore half marathon 5/11 - TIME 2:24

Atlantic City half marathon 10/11 - TIME 2:29

Surf City half marathon 2/5/12 - Time 2:23
Los Angeles Fire Cracker Run 2/12/12 - (my first 10K) TIME - 1:02:44
Hollywood Half 4/7/12 (PR!) TIME 2:19:58
Jersey Shore half marathon 5/6/12 (paced my hubby in his first half!! Yippee!) TIME  2:51
Long Beach CA half marathon 10/7/12 TIME 2:30
Ragnar Relay - Miami to Key West January 2013
Atlantic City half marathon (paced hubby again - a PR for him!) 10/21/12 TIME 2:38
Surf City Half Marathon 2/3/13
New Jersey (Half) Marathon 5/5/13 - 4th year anniversary!
Pequannock Sprint Tri 7/21/13 - 1st triathlon!
IRONGIRL Tri 9/8/13 - triathlon!!
Perfect 10 Miler 10/13/13 first ten miles (1:46 - about a 10:42 per mile pace)

Sorry! Got lazy about updating this - I've done a bunch of races since then including 2 OLY Triathlons (One in Maine and one in Poconos) I've also continued to run half marathons and ultimately got to run my dream race - the New York City Marathon in 2016. You can read about that here


Lisa A said...

Thanks for your inspiration! I signed up for a half-marathon to get myself off the couch, too. I completed my first (and only) 5K last month and was elated. I DNFed a 5K today and felt like a failure until I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks, and tomorrow, I'll get off the couch again. It's those little victories, eh?

Unknown said...

Randomly came across your blog because I was googling " worst run ever" which I just had. So inspiring to see your journey here and as a matter of fact... we both ran the san diego marathon last year. It was my first and I finished at the same time you did 6:19! so cool. Thanks for sharing your story.

Laurakerwi said...

Hope to see you at the Jersey Girl Triathlon next year! Such an amazing experience!