Friday, May 25, 2012

Food For Thought Friday - "Convenience" foods

produce getting ready to be juiced
I've been feeling pretty good lately, been getting in my runs, starting to get in some strength training (thanks, Dana) and eating pretty well.

I have been obsessed lately with learning more and more about the food industry, going organic, maintaining health thru food, etc.

I swear. When you start delving into all this shit it really could make your head explode.

The food industry is nuts - it's almost not our fault that many of us walk around obese and sick. We are kind of set up for failure. Between franken-foods that are purposely processed to be non-satisfying and addicting, to marketing, to misinformation, to our own biology that still acts as if we could face a famine at any moment - we have a lot to fight and face.

We get swept up in hype. I was guilty too. I mean - I'm finally eating very clean for the most part and have lost 95% of the processed foods that were once in my life but I bought into all that marketing in a big, big, big way. A year ago, processed foods found their way into every meal. Easily. And I thought I was doing "good."

In the old days I would have a day like this and count it a HUGE healthy success.

Breakfast: a popular low fat breakfast cereal, skim milk,  fat free key lime pie yogurt, coffee with more skim milk and a packet of sweetener.

snack: a cereal bar / fruit

Lunch: Frozen low-fat entree, salad with some kind of fat free salad dressing

snack: microwave "light" butter pop-corn (94% fat free)

Dinner: small piece of chicken, instant mashed potatoes, some kind of veggie topped with spray fat-free "butter".

snack: Fat free ice cream, maybe some more fruit.

Now this would be considered a successful day for me and maybe it's still considered a successful day for some of you - I know my sister would think this was a good day… I would come in well with-in Weight Watcher points and it's the kind of day that supported weight loss even - I would have kept the calories and fat at a pretty good number.

BUT, knowing what I know now, I will never have a day like that again and consider it a "healthy day." All that processed food - has more unpronounceable words that I can count. Eating "food-like" products filled with chemicals is NOT healthy or good for us. They keep us hungry and hooked and some even say lead to disease.  Why would I give up cigarettes, lose weight, run for my health only to tempt fate with fake sweeteners and fat free frankenfoods?  I did it for YEARS.

I'm not judging if you like a little convenience food. I am no food angel - I am sure I will rely on some processed food or granola bar at some point in my life again. I just marvel at how healthy I thought it all was. I fell hook, line and sinker for all that marketing out there but when you flip that "healthy-looking" box to the back and read the ingredients - it's there in black and white - all those gross industrially-chemically sounding words just can't be good for us.

Ironically, I feel way more satisfied now. I am no longer fat-phobic. I eat avocado a few times a week, I drizzle healthy oils on my salads and use an organic coconut spread in my oatmeal. I snack on almonds, cashews and almonds, I'm enjoying healthy good foods that I had banned because I was so afraid of fat grams… I fill my plate with veggies and good grains like brown rice and quinoa. I top greek yogurt with fruit... I'm almost never hungry because I'm not trying to make some fake ice cream fill me up or satisfy me.

The weekends I will treat myself to one meal that could be questionable - like I might order a little chinese food or pick up some Greek food (but the greek food seems mostly OK tho high in fat.)

If I want a little ice-cream, I will have it. There's a homemade ice cream parlor up the street from me. So every so often we go and enjoy a little real ice cream.

I like to have a glass of red wine here and there or a dirty martini…

I'm not perfect. I don't want to preach.

Earlier I mentioned some of it is almost not our fault. I still agree with that to an extent but we need to take control over our food and choices by continually educating ourselves and arming ourselves with knowledge. We don't have to change everything all at once but we can take baby steps to better food and health.

I just would encourage you to reconsider some of the processed stuff and try to slowly replace what you can with more whole foods.

Thoughts? Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode as you learn more and more about this stuff?


Recommended viewing/reading:
The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat by Michael Pollan
Food Inc.
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Hungry For Change

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meatless Monday a new tradition

I've been reading a ton of books about our food industry and I have to tell you, it's pretty depressing. Our whole country is being poisoned by cheap, addictive food. I know, no duh - but when you really delve into how deep it goes it becomes even more sickening. I won't bore you with all of my wanting to rant about that right now...

I've been making the move towards eating organic and when possible - locally. Definitely cleaner. I've successfully given up all artificial sweeteners - it's got be at least 6 weeks now and I've really cut out most processed foods and I'm avoiding wheat. 

5 color stir-fry
This week I decided to finally make a move I've been thinking about for a while, a totally meatless day of the week - today I decided to do meatless Monday.

It was way easier than I thought it would be.

Breakfast was my standard 'organic' oatmeal.

Snack, a handful of raw cashews and a few raw almonds

lunch sweet potato and Dr. Praeger veggie burger with tomato slices (drizzle of olive oil)

snack - juiced carrot/lemon/orange and celery

dinner - brown rice, homemade hummus and 5 color stir-fry. Stir fry was yum. Onion, garlic, zucchini, red pepper, baby portabellas, grilled corn - drizzled with a little olive oil.

I'm feeling good and satisfied. Even hubby was happy with dinner - though I have to say he's come a long way and I really do drive the health boat around here. If I served him a greasy pork-chop, he'd eat it. If I serve him a veggie stir-fry over brown rice - he'd eat it. If I eat healthy, we all eat healthy. That's a good thing. 

I was going to have a cup of greek yogurt but I don't even need it. 

Do you have a meatless day every week? Would you ever? Do you have a picky spouse or family?


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers on the run and other fun

the duck pond. So pretty - right?
So this morning I was up nice and early for the first day of the "Moms In Motion" program I signed up for. It was the perfect day and you couldn't have asked for a better morning. Clean blue skies, bright sun, a crispness in the air. Awesome.

The Moms In Motion train in my favorite park. I love this park because you can literally run for six miles through nicely paved and shaded paths until you hit the end (and there are a few other miles in other directions too!) This is my favorite training ground for halfs and the one full I ran.  It's actually my favorite training ground, period.

Of-course, the only issue is when someone says "we're meeting at the duck pond" that means different things to different people, since the park is so big there are at least 3 "duck ponds". Luckily, I double checked it right before leaving and the duck pond we were meeting at was the one furthest for me (which was always the "six mile turnaround" on my long runs. Whew. Glad I checked. Unfortunately for me, I checked a little late and I was cutting it close time wise. I was the last to arrive but I made it!

It's a great group of gals and I can tell already there are going to be some fun times ahead. I'm psyched about it.

Honestly, I knew this was more or less a beginner's group so I expected to go along for the ride and be taking it easy. HA!

First, Dana had us warm up. Huh? Warm up? What's this foreign concept? We stretched and jogged and well, that was good - I should be doing this. So that's cool.

Then she explained we'd be doing a series of other stuff - squats, jumping jacks, pushups and planks. UM. I thought this was running. Running I can do but pushups?  Oy vey.  However, truth be told, for the last million years I've said to myself - "self, you need to start strength training. Just do it." and then I reply. "I know. I will." and then the internal conversation comes to a grinding halt. This could be a good thing too, maybe it'll be my kickstart to strength training and that's something I do desperately need!

So now we were nice and warmed up and I thought we'd all be together as a group - I assumed wrong. We broke into two group walkers to runners and "already running." I was happy about this but at the same time, I was thinking this was going to be a "walk-to-run" kind of morning for me… but here I was really getting to work. I had a jacket on and didn't even have something to hold my phone. haha. foolish me.  So, I tied my jacket around my waist shoved the iPhone in my pocket and the 3 of us runners started out into the park for a 3 miler.

I'm so sorry - it was early and I hadn't had enough coffee - so I don't remember my mommy co-runners name - I will get them down next week - promise!  We started out a few feet apart and soon Mz. Speedy broke away. Well. I like a challenge. I had no idea how fast I was going because I forgot to charge my Garmin, so while I was sporting it, it wasn't telling me anything.  So I was just chasing after Mz. Speedy. by the end, she had a good .25 of a mile on me. The other runner was no slouch either -- I'm pretty sure my average pace is probably close to hers if I hadn't "raced" my three miles ;)

All in all Mz. Speedy made me do better than I thought I could - I also have to thanks my friend Jason who is running his first FULL IRONMAN today - I figured if he could swim for 2.4 miles, bike for 112 and run 26.2, I could haul ass on my run… My Nike says that the splits were: 9'51, 9'28, and 9'10 -- that makes me pretty happy. And I felt great after.

Running and gifts? Perfect! :)
At the end, Dana, our coach gave us all these great little goody bags! All kinds of beauty products, a granola bar from Trader Joes, a water bottle, etc. FUN!

I can't wait for next week!


PS: I have to say that there is something incredible about running in the morning. May inspire me to get out there early and do it more often!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day recap and fall race thoughts

My beautiful baby
Mother's Day was fantastic -

First I woke up with my four year old, Ben nestled by my side. Every day he wakes up with the same words, "Mama, no school."  I don't know why he requests "no school" he loves school but this is what he says first thing every morning.

Mother's Day was no different, his eyes popped open at too early of a time and I heard the usual, "Mama, no school." But then, there was a pause and a gasp. "Today is Mama's Day…. Happy Mama's Day!"

It was unexpected music to my ears. Ben has special needs. He was just diagnosed on "the spectrum." His speech is delayed, blurting out and remembering something like that (unprompted!) is super SPECIAL. My husband later told me that he had this conversation with Ben several times leading up to Sunday. He remembered! I couldn't believe it. I could live that moment fifty times a day and it wouldn't get old. Best gift ever. Will never forget those words. Yes. something so simple for so many other toddlers his age is that big of a deal. 

His other gifts were pretty great too. A homemade "mom" necklace, a homemade card, and Dad's help of a few iTune gift cards and a Kindle Touch.

let's get reading!

It was a great day. Even got 2 miles in before heading to PA to spend the day with a few other great moms: (my twin sister and my mom).


Last year's bling from the half
And in other news...

I'm thinking of signing up for a full marathon in October - The Atlantic City one. I did the half last year. I know this is lame to even say out loud but I like the idea of signing up for the full with the 'safety net' of being able to run the half if training doesn't go as planned. I know, I know. I talk a great game about "setting goals" and "no excuses" but here is the truth. I like the idea of signing up for a full because it will force me to get some longer runs in again and stop the wimping out at 2-3 mile runs. At very least I'll be getting more 6-8 mile runs in again and that'll make me better at running 5k's, 10k's and halfs. I need something bigger on the schedule to get me to put in those longer miles consistently because I have figured out how to fart around and still accomplish the half now. 

I know that part of my cramping issues on my last two halfs was probably potassium / hydration related but part was probably thanks to too many 2 -3 -4 mile runs and not enough longer ones.

But when it comes to 100% going for a full, truth be told, with a part-time job that sometime resembles a full-time job, a documentary in pre-productions, a few other media projects in the pipeline looking close to going, juggling my son,  bs, bs -- getting some of those long, long runs may or may not happen. I am still a slower long distance runner. I can find an hour or an hour and a half to run if I need to in a day but when it comes to finding 3 -5 hours for those long runs - that's where it gets tricky - especially now that I'm competing with my darling husband to get out the door to run! Plus when I run for more than 2 hours, in addition to those 2 hours out there, I'm pretty useless for the rest of the day.

I don't know.

But I know one way to NOT run another marathon is to not sign up at all. So we'll see. I'm still mulling it over.

Have you ever signed up for a full and dropped down?
Do you ever struggle to find balance when you're in full training mode?
How was your Mother's Day?



PS: Exciting stuff!! OUR first piece of press on the documentary!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Post race blues: What's next?

Jersey Shore
Nothing like coming thru your race season and feeling that sense of loss. I ran Surf City in February, Hollywood in April and most recently (as you may have heard from my hubby) New Jersey Shore this past week.

Whenever I race and have nothing left on the schedule, I always feel this sense of blah. A little lost, a little aimless, a little itchy. I like having a race on the calendar. Running is its own reward but races make me run a little further, try a little harder, having a goal means something to me.

So now what?

Yep, I'm running Ragnar in January and that's super, super exciting. But That's 8 months away!

Although running ING NYC marathon this year would've probably been very, very challenging due to all the commitments on my plate, I was kinda counting on getting in to spur on my training mode. Well that didn't happen.

I guess I'll have to start thinking about fall races to take me thru the summer. I know my hubby is also already looking forward to his next half. Maybe I'll do Atlantic City again...


How cute are our MIM jerseys?
In other news, I am a new member of a running club! I was invited to join the Bergen County Moms In Motion! While many are new runners who are training for their first 5K - I'm honored to join them. We'll be meeting at my favorite park every Saturday morning and I'm looking forward to joining the club. Many are nervous and consider themselves, "non-runners." I'm hoping to be living proof that anyone who has the health, the feet and the commitment, can be a runner. I'm sure that these special mamma's will inspire me in ways they'll never know and I'm excited about it. This will be a new experience for me. I've almost exclusively run by myself since I started running 3 years ago! I'm often jealous of friends who have others to do their long runs with. Maybe I'll even find my own running buddy!

Do you get the post-race blues?
Do you have any fall races lined up yet?
Do you belong to a running club?
Do you have friends you run with or are you typically solo runner?


PS: Thank you for supporting the documentary so far! If you haven't had a chance please "like" our Facebook page here. The more "likes" the more "likely" we will be to attract sponsorship funds! so every like counts!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That's what he said: My hubby's race recap of his first half at the Jersey Shore

Marty and Jen pre-race
The alarm went off. 4:00 AM. For most people this is a hideous time to open their eyes, but for a parent of child who could care less about time, this was the norm. The one big difference for me this morning was that I was about to run my first half marathon.  With butterflies flapping away in my stomach, I managed to get dressed in the dark in an effort to not wake up our son Ben who had wandered into our bedroom, again. The race was still a couple of hours away, but in my mind I had already won. Ben never flinched. Proof that miracles do happen. Maybe this will be my day.

The sun had not begun to shine, but we were on way to Long Branch NJ for my first battle with 13.1.  As an ex-performer I have had to endure my share of nerves before a show, but this was different.  Although I felt prepared, I just didn't know what to expect.  All of my training had taken place on a torture device known as a treadmill. The most I had ever run was 10 miles on this thing and even though I've heard if you could run 10 you can run 13.1, I still had my fair share of doubt. My mind went back to my first and only 5K, where I felt I had trained enough but hit the wall only 1/2 mile in. 13.1 was a pipe dream for me. Something athletes can only do or my amazing and inspirational wife Jennifer.  I have always hated running. From my days playing man hunt on streets of West New York, NJ at 10 years old until yesterday, running and I did not mix. I have been asthmatic all my life so I've never had any luck when it came to running. I would just pretend that I thought it was boring, but in reality I just really couldn't do it.

About a year ago Jen signed me up for that first 5k. I really wasn't in any shape to do it, but she made me feel confident that I would be able to conquer it. I'm so glad she did. Although I almost died a couple of times during that 5K, I finished it. I broke through the asthma thing and I proved to myself that I had the ability. Since then, I have lost close to 20 pounds, most of that contributed to running. I said yes to Jen's suggestion of running my first half. I trained hard and the moment came quickly.

It was 55 degrees, perfect running weather. I knew it was going to be a good day, not only cause I felt it, but our car got crapped on four times by rogue birds as I drove 80 mph on the Garden State Parkway. What are the odds? That's good luck - right? As soon as we pulled into the parking lot you could feel the electricity in the air. My nervousness turned to excitement instantly. We quickly made our way over to our corral and waited. Corral by corral, runners began their journeys. Our corral was called. The moment of truth had arrived. For a second, doubt crept in. Was I going to hit that wall early? I turned to see my beautiful smiling wife giving me the thumbs up. I knew then that this time would be different. I was trained and confident that I would tackle each and every one of those 13.1 miles. Thank you so much Jen for being you and believing in me.

We took off. The breeze felt incredible as we weaved in and out of slower runners and walkers. Why have I been training on a treadmill all this time? The music was blasting and luckily Jen kept holding me back and helping me keep a good easy pace. Before I knew it we were passing mile one, then mile two, I couldn't believe how incredible I felt. I wasn't gasping for air like in the past and my body really felt good. We got to mile three and Jen had to to stop for a potty break. I had all intentions of stopping too but she told me to keep on going and she would catch up. I had no doubt she would, so I agreed and kept on chugging along. Weird things happen when you don't really know what your pace is.** All of the sudden I turned into Jesse Owens, the short, latin, over weight version, but Jesse Owens none the less. I must have been running like the cops were after me because all of the sudden my music was interrupted by the sound of Jen's Wonder Woman ring tone. She was literally running like the devil trying to catch up to me. Oops.  **this is Jen - I wanted to kick his ass at the time. I told him to jog/keep an easy pace so I could catch up… I SPINTED for more than a mile in the 8:30 area to catch him! I was a little peeved and sucking air by the time I got him. grrrr. Thanks dear.

She caught up to me right after mile 4 and laid down the law on keeping a nice slow pace. I just couldn't help it. I felt like a gazelle for the first time in my life. I knew I had to enjoy it now because the big bad lion, aka mile 11, was coming to pounce on me. I had never run more than 10 miles and when I did that I thought the gym was finally going to get to use their portable defibrillator. At mile 5 I heard my kidneys pleading for a porta potty break. The problem was that every time I stopped there was a line 20 deep of people that clearly could care less about their times and I was damned if I was gonna let the 3 hr pacer get too far ahead of me.  I kept running and putting off the inevitable until visions of kidney stones danced in my head. We stopped at mile 7 and waited for one of those potty doors to open. I don't know what was more torturous, my exploding kidneys or losing time. Drop and go people, drop and go!! We finally got back under way. I'm feeling real good, Jen looks good and we were coasting. It was incredible to see how many people were out there supporting us. I couldn't have asked for a better atmosphere for my first half. The best thing of all was experiencing this with my wife and my best friend. Amazing.

Miles 8, 9 & 10 felt longer than the first seven. My ankles were screaming, I had chosen the side of the road for most of the race. I was literally running on a slight angle. That took its toll. Running in the middle of the road for a while really help me out. Then came mile 11. The end was so close but oh so far away. Jen started to have cramps in her hamstrings and my legs felt pretty battered up at this point. Luckily Jen found some coconut water and downed it - that seemed to help her. Now I'm starting to struggle, but we are on the Broadwalk and only 2 miles away. I still could not see the finish line but it was only a matter of time before it came into view. My inner Jesse Owens decided to take over again. I wanted that finish line to come quickly and with Pitbull singing one of his 50 songs in my ear phones, I took off running like a hurt gazelle that's trying to stay away from the jaws of a lion. All of the sudden I looked back and to my surprise Jen was not there. I didn't realize she was still going through a little cramping. I slowed down and we both headed towards glory. ***ahem. I was cramping a little bit and with the fear that I might have another seized moment like I had at the Hollywood Half, I didn't want to risk it… besides, we were still 2 miles out and I save my 'gazelle' move for the last mile… rookie. ;) 

There it was, I could see the glow of that beautiful finish line the distance. Jen suggests that I take off my ear phones and take in the moment. She was right. The crowd was pushing me towards my goal. The closer the finish line got the more emotional I was getting. I could hear our names being announced on the speakers. Crossing that finish line might go down as one of the most incredible feelings I have had or will ever have. That sense of accomplishment cannot be out done. You trained, you hurt, you ran the miles. I almost shed a tear until I came face to face with the hardware. My first medal, unbelievable. Like zombies we hobbled the streets of long branch and waited for our school bus to come and rescue us. Finally the bus arrived. The sweet taste of victory over pancakes at IHOP awaits.

Overall I have to say that it was an amazing experience that I will never forget and I will continue to run. I'm truly blessed to live with a great coach and motivator. Maybe a full marathon awaits one day. For now I'm just happy to see the 13.1 bumper sticker on the back of my car that Jen gave me as a gift after the race, and now I am in on the secret… I now know that I can do anything I set out to do.

Why Yes I am the proudest wife ever. 


PS: Marty forgot to mention that our time was 2:51 not bad considering two potty breaks! Pretty sure we would've come in around 2:40 - my garmin (which automatically pauses when stopped) said we did it in 2:38… not bad. My first took me 3:15! Go Marty.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Running a race without racing

First medal with Angela

That's always a kinda goal in the back of my mind going into any half marathon. At very least, I'm always thinking about running the best I can and 'leaving it all out there.'

This Sunday will be different.

This Sunday I will be running the NJ Shore half marathon in Long Branch.  I LOVE this half. It's extremely special to me.

First of all, it's in the Dirty Jerz. My home state, it's my bro yo.

Secondly and more significantly, it's my anniversary half. In 2010 I toed that starting line with anticipation, a little bit of fear, wonder, hope and determination… later that day, I crossed the finish line a half marathoner - a runner, it was the first real goal I'd ever made and completed and it changed my life.

Last year, I took a full half an hour (maybe more) off my initial time.

This year, time will not matter. I will not be PR'ing and I might even finish worse than my first year!

And it's awesome.


Because I'll be doing this half with my husband. This will be his very FIRST half. I will run at his pace which is probably around what I was doing when I first started running. Marty run? Run a half marathon? This is a miracle - I am so grateful for. A good habit he just might've (well definitely) caught from me. ;)

I had the privilege, pleasure and bestowed kindness to run my first half alongside one of my best friends, Angela. I know her engine was revving to run the speedy pace she could. She walked when I had to, stopped for water when I needed a break and took pictures when I wanted to pose with mile markers. That first half was epic and it was made more special because my friend selflessly ran every step by my side.

This Sunday I will do the same for my hubby. Cheering him thru every mile, reminding him to hydrate and fuel up - I'll take pictures for prosperity and I'll keep him moving when he (maybe) hits the wall right around the 10 - 11 mile mark (at least that's where it happened for me!) And then I'll get to experience that once in a lifetime joy of crossing that finish line by his side.  His life changed forever. And mine too… I'll have the privilege and joy to be there for his first time. Every step of the way.  How awesome is that?

PR? Who needs a PR?

Have you ever paced anyone?
Did someone pace you for your first race or races?
If you are interested - read about my very first half here and last year's 1st anniversary run here.


PS:  I LOVE you guys. thank you for the outpouring of love, support and cheerleading with the film. It really is gonna take this village to raise an awesome film and words can't describe how appreciative I am of you guys.

PSS: Still owe you a BL post… might not happen. Truthfully, after the walk-off and all, it was kind of an anti-climatic finale. I'm yawning over the thought of a post. Kim looked awesome. I will say that. Sick body. Wow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Putting it in the universe: Dream big

Running has given me many gifts. Too many to even count.

One of the great lessons I've learned though my running is the importance of putting your goals, thoughts, intentions, "out into the universe."


I know that some of you will eye roll. Go 'head. This shit works. I once was a naysayer myself but over and over I've been making dreams come true by putting them out into the universe.

When I first went on this journey I couldn't run for a minute. Despite a forty pound weight loss, I still weighed close to 200 pounds at the time and was woefully out of shape. However, through ignorance, inspiration or both - I put it in the universe: I was going to run a half marathon. I signed up for a race, told everyone, put it on Facebook...

And it was out there. No turning back. I was scared shitless. 

But then, the universe 'conspired' to help me get to that goal.

Through starting this blog, training plans, friends, support, etc - I reached my goal and beyond. I then did the same thing for another and another and a full marathon and more.

Once just an impossible thought, then a dream - these things became reality once I put them into the universe.

Now, as a film producer, runner, health enthusiast and story teller, I've been given a unique gift by the Gods - a perfect project - The Relay Race documentary that I told you about here.

Will people care? Will the financing come? Will we be able to pull it off?

I had this burning dream when it first started to take shape. To share our stories.

My fellow racers are all spectacular runners with incredibly motivational stories. Each of them put their own goals and dreams into the universe, heroically taking the chance on themselves to 'go for it' without concern of how long, how hard, how far their journeys would be. They didn't worry about failure but focused on success, health and living lives they were meant to live. We all still have good days and bad days, we all sometimes fall back into a bad habit or skip a workout but we have all fully made the lifestyle change and bumps in the road don't stop us for long.

Meet the ragnar racers:
before and after shots in order of their Relay legs… I'm #7 

They continue to inspire others all around them on a daily basis and they continue to put big dreams out there.

They've also all graciously agreed to document their lives in this way. It's a big ask. They'll be exposing some of the most difficult things they've faced in their lives. They'll share stories that are personal and they'll invite virtual strangers to run alongside them. They are fearless in this. Rik, our team captain said something poignant about taking part in this film and I think many of us share this sentiment:
"I am excited to be part of this project because I cannot possibly pay back all the people that helped me get to where I am now. Instead, I want to pay it forward and help inspire others." 
And that's what I hope this project will do.

Still, in putting the dream of this film 'out there' I held back, sat on the dream for a while. I knew that once it was in the universe there would be no turning back.

I am was am scared shitless.

Will people care? 

Well thanks VERY much to you good friends and others - it seems people do. Nearly 600 "likes" on our film's Facebook page in under 5 days and 250+ twitter followers! We've already received requests for interviews about the film and supportive comments from tons of people who believe this is going to be something worth seeing.  

Will the financing come? Somehow, someway. I believe. Worse comes to worse, I'll be doing a lot of Ebaying ;)

Will we be able to pull it off? Without. A. Doubt. Let's just put that out in the universe. 

It's a risk. But the other big thing I've learned through running is that I'd rather take the risk then let fear keep me from trying. I'd rather go for 13.1 and fall flat on my face at 13.0 then never have the courage to start. Failing is not failure, never trying is failure. 

I'd rather get a DNF rather than a DNS (did not start) any day of the week - and to get a DNF, you better be pulling me off the course because if I've got anything in me and a leg to hop on, I'm going to still try to get to that finish line. ;)

Dream big. I'm also finding out that one dream leads to another - if I never had the courage to run I would've never been led to the dreams of my life - running Ragnar and this project.

What are you putting out in the universe?
What's one of the biggest lessons you've learned thru running?


PS: I know, I know. The Biggest Loser finale was last night! Next post we'll discuss.