Monday, August 19, 2013

Off to Maine and watch my new show on DIY Network!

I've been training for my Tri and getting thru summer.

I got my labs back from my doctor and I'm very healthy. No issues at all. So why I can't seem to lose weight remains a mystery. Oh well.

I'm getting ready to head up to Maine to root on Jen from Miles, Muscles and Mommyhood in her hometown Rev3 race and my dear friend and biz partner Angela to Triathlon victory!

I am sure I'm going to be very jealous that I'm not participating. Perhaps something to aim for next year.

In the meantime - remember all those blog posts about going to Kentucky? Well I have big news!! This week the series premiere of the television show I've been working on premieres!! It's called LogHeads and it will air on DIY Network on Aug. 22 at 10 PM and repeat Aug. 24th at 11 PM! Please check it out!

I hope you have DIY and I hope you'll check it out!


Monday, August 5, 2013

An "Epic Training Week"

Last week I worked my ass off:

I mean - pretty impressive don't you think? I ran/biked those 11 on M - the rest of the week was running (and some swimming/weight training that didn't show up in mileage) and Sunday's 16 was an uphill mountain bike ride followed by open-water swimming in the lake and return on bike down mountain. (More about that in a minute)

I burned 3729 calories, counted all of my calories and gained 3 pounds since the 152 weigh-in of last week. Swell. 

Something has to be wrong. And no it's not muscle unless muscle makes your belly bigger and your pants tight. I went to the doctor last Thursday and she ran a bunch of tests. My medical degree from Google and her expertise both suspect I might have a thyroid issue. We shall see. My self-diagnosises have been wrong in the past but there's got to be a reason my body refuses to lose (and continue to gain) weight. 

Anyway, enough about my fat ass weight. Back to highlights in training.

First, I've done more running than I have in a week, in a long time. My five miles on Saturday was not only at a pace I was pleased with but also done in the rain. I know some of you love running in the rain, I've just always assumed this would not be my thing and have avoided it. I wanted to do five though and I didn't want to do them on a treadmill so I sucked it up. 

I was prepared to hate it but I didn't. I really liked it. I felt cool (in both meanings of the word - temperature and 'cool' like Fonzie.) I loved that there were hardly anybody in the park - I owned the place (aside from a few other runners) and it made me feel very accomplished.

On Sunday, the Moms In Motion (MIMs) decided to head back up to Lake Welch to get in a good bike/swim training. Well. I was told it was a hilly bike but boy, it was the hardest thing ever. 

Moms ready for motion!
Pretty much you bike up a mountain for seven and a half miles to the lake. I was cursing like a crazy person. My exact words at one point were, "This is some bullshit, who does this?" The other bitches ;) MIMs did a better job sucking it up and most of them had done it before so they knew what to expect, they kept telling me it would get better. They lied. Every brief reprieve brought just another climb around the corner. I thought this ride would never end. Plus we were carrying wetsuits and crap in backpacks on our back since we were also swimming. I think it was pretty and scenic but I wouldn't have known because I was too busy trying not to die or exhaustion. It was like a spin class on crack with no way out.

Monica and Dee Dee in far better spirits than me at this point! 1/2 way up

all the MIMs with Rox in the center and Kerry joining far right :)
But then we made it to the lake and all was well. YAY! Water will feel good on these tired legs! BOO! We have to actually work out now! Ha. And we're the only nuts at the lake working out. Everyone else there were families frolicking in the sun and barbecuing. Not us. We donned our wet suits and ran into the lake ready to conquer! (Although I was very tempted to make friends with beach-goers and grab a burger and a beer… but refrained.)

Lake Welch! We made it!
We swam for 25 minutes or so and then decided it was time to head back. We still faced a few little hills but the ride back was way better. It took us an hour to get up to the lake and 37 minutes to get back down if that tells you anything!

View from the top
So I bitched, moaned and hated life for how hard it was at the time but afterwards, I fist pumped and smiled my exhausted accomplishment all the way home. I might even do that again. ;-)

Everyone was awesome - Rox (a strong biker) for being the "momma" who trailed us to  make sure we'd all be safe, Tracy who saved me from having to bike back in a wet bathing suit and had an extra sports bra with her (score!) Heather who kept lying to me and telling me that it was gonna get better and then reminded me that she almost cried her first time up that hill! Sheila for keeping track of our water times and reassuring me that we'd make it, the "Sisters" for their positive attitudes, Dee-Dee for looking forward to this blog post (hope it delivers) and Monica for reminding me how great we'd feel at the end even if we were hating it at the moment. Monica was totally right.  Oh and it was nice seeing fellow MIM Kerry out there - she is more advanced than us and had been out there for a while - she caught up to us and made biking up hill look easy! She give me something to aspire to. :)

As I drove up the mountain on my way home, I caught some bikers having to walk their bikes up the mountain. I was feeling their pain but proud of us MIMs for never having to get off and walk - we did it. 

IronGirl is a nice flat 10 mile course. Being able to conquer this thing gives me confidence for the bike portion for sure!

How are you doing with your training? What crazy hard accomplishment have to pulled off recently?


PS: I stole these pictures from fellow MIMs Rox and Tracy because I'm a bad blogger and didn't think to bring my iPhone. Thanks girls!! xo