Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm having a fat day...

I'm feeling so bloated, I am even too lazy to figure out an appropriate title to this entry.

Taco Bell for lunch.

Cuban food for dinner...

No running today.  Awesome.

Ran for about 30 mins yesterday.

Weight Watcher weigh in tomorrow is going to be a horror show but I'm ready, practically craving to get back into step with it.

I really wonder why we sabotage ourselves?  Like I ordered two of the most fattening things at TB... I could've ordered from the al fresco menu, there were a million things I could've done better but I ate like I never saw food.  I wasn't that hungry.  I don't even like TB that much.

I was a little bit more of a victim of the Cuban food.  A friend brought it over and he practically bought one of everything.  Even so, when I'm on point, I'm happy to resist.  I am capable of doing better.

Having a fat day is more than just my pants feeling a little tight (and they do - I'm still playing catch up from being away and the toe debacle) + the sodium from fast food lunch isn't helping...  But I feel fat mentally.  Like the fat is blocking me from thinking rationally and then it's just one blobby mess.

Ah well.  This isn't my first, nor will it be my last "fat" day.  Hopefully they will be fewer and fewer and further and further, apart.

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