Monday, July 2, 2012

Yo baby, good workout?

Ah- well.

Yesterday was a fail. I didn't do my six miler. I did go from writing my blog post to watching Paula Deen (WTF - she really is trying to kill us. I mean I think she put butter on her mayonnaise on top of her cream, all deep fried and puff-pastried in one dish… even in my fattest days, I had more sense…) and then after the food porn, peeled myself off of the couch to go eat too much at a BBQ.

devil in the blue dress

Shit happens. At first I felt mildly guilty. Why sit when I could be running? But you know what? I needed a little TV time. I just did.

So, I'm OK with it. I needed a mental break. I've been "running" non-stop with running, blogging, the fifty little odd jobs I do to pay bills, building a media company, raising Ben, trying to navigate my new food sensitivities and diet and making a freakin' documentary film. So yeah. I decided to cut my four mile run on Saturday to two and decided to sit on my effing ass yesterday rather than run.

And you know what? Good.

It made me enjoy my 6 mile run today. Today which was supposed to be my rest day, turned into my 6 mile day since I skipped yesterday.

What else helped?

This little FB poster courtesy of Runner's World:

Oh Yeaaaaah.  I had somehow forgotten that for a second. I decided not to "ugh" have to run 6 miles on a treadmill today - I decided to "yippee" get to run 6 miles on a treadmill today. That little brain game made a little difference.

And so did running the first 3 miles slightly slower than I could have. I tend to try to run faster on the treadmill for several reasons. Mainly because the faster I run, the faster I can get off the thing but on runs of more than 3 or 4 miles I start to get super burned out and the last mile or two sucks. So today i slowed my roll. It wasn't super slow but it felt good and steady. Miles 3 & 4 I picked it up and mile 6, I finished strong with a speedy 9'00 min mile.

A sweaty, red-faced, frizzy, dizzy mess, version of myself stumbled from the gym feeling great about my run and recharged.

And then I hear from a distance, "Hey baby." I keep walking to my car, minding my business, "Baby, in the green shirt." I look up. Me? "Yo, baby, looking good. Good workout?" 

I do believe this 20-something-full-of-swag leaning against his tinted-window car and definitely from the wrong side of the track guy was flirting with me. 

I just gave him a smile and a thumbs up and stumbled to my car. He was kinda gangsta but at my age, I'll take any catcall I can get. ;-) hahaha.

Do you watch the Food Network?

How do you turn runs that you are dreading into ones you are looking forward to?

Do you feel guilty when you take mental health breaks from working out?


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