Sunday, July 1, 2012

The heat is on!

This last week I've been at the back of pack when it comes to running. I have been busy and my running is suffering.

The packed schedule combined with soaring temps just leaves me feeling challenged to get 'er done.

It's approximately a million degrees out with a thousand percent humidity right now. I should be doing 6 miles as we speak but instead I'm writing this post (which, in all fairness, is long over-do - It's been well over a week since my last blog!)

I'll have to do the miles at the gym because I'm not interested in dying in the heat right now. I'll get back to you on how that goes. ;-)

Anyway - so since it has been so long since my last post here's what has happened:

On Monday I headed into NYC to film one of the Ragnar Racer's interview for the documentary and shoot some special stuff we had planned.

Linda has lost 75 pounds, she's amazing. Funny and inspiring she's now even doing the Insanity program. Linda writes a great blog called, "Fricken' 40 and Fabulous." We agreed that she's fabulous so we decided to give her a makeover.  See, Linda went grey at 30 but because she was so focused on her weight, she never bothered with her hair. Recently she was mistaken for her kid's grandma! Now that's just because of the grey hair because if you look at Linda's face, she is beautiful and there's not a wrinkle to be found!

Anyway, so we took her shopping at Macy's Herald Square and then she got in a great workout to show off her moves. 

Central Park - Me looking very pink

The following day, we woke up early-ish and had a fantastic run through Central Park together. It was my first run in Central Park and I loved it. It was also nice that the weather was so amazing that day. Almost down-right chilly I would say! Perfect.  We then headed to an uber-cool hair studio situated in a loft in So-Ho where Linda got her hair and makeup done.

I can't reveal her makeover quite yet but let me assure you, she was beautiful before but her after is totally WOW! We then got to go back out to her home on Long Island and meet the rest of her family. They were surprised by her new look and obviously very proud of their mom and her accomplishments.

The rest of the week I did some freelance wardrobe styling work for a local production company (have to pay the bills as I build the empire, ya know…) and they were loooong days. 7:30 AM - 10:30 PM. Needless to say, no running getting in on those days.  The majority of those days I was on my feet and running around so at least I should be burning some calories… And one good thing about those long days - OVERTIME! 

Because of three nut-so long days in a row (not to mention Monday and Tuesday in NYC and filming for the doc.) I am tired. I was feeling super run-down Friday and yesterday so I skipped my Mom's In Motion in exchange for sleep that I needed - but I missed my moms.

Trouble with weeks like this is when I miss a few days, I find it hard to get rolling again. I like the momentum that running nearly every day provides. Oh well. Just gotta get my groove back!

Do you find momentum to play a big role with your running?

Have you ever had a dramatic makeover?

Have you ever run in Central Park?

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