Monday, January 31, 2011

Advantages of Running North of the 42nd Parallel - from guest blogger Sara

The below is a guest post from a very dear friend of mine, Sara at Skartshop (check out her blog, it's great!) I usually see Sara when I'm visiting her in Sunny CA - we've run together and she's awesome. Enjoy!


I live in Southern California but on a recent visit back up North to my hometown of Toronto I decided to balance all of the holiday food intake with an invigorating run around the old neighborhood.   The time of day: 4:30pm.  The approximate temperature: 30 degrees Fahrenheit (+some sort of windshield factor) It was F***#@n’ COLD.  While running, to keep my brain from frostbite, I composed a list of positive reasons to running in these conditions.

In no particular order – 10 advantages to running North of the 42nd Parallel.

1. No sweat and Instant Make up – I got home, had a healthy glow  but wasn’t all sticky gross like I usually am after a run in Los Angeles.  Plus my cheeks stayed a healthy rosy color for hours.
2. Cool Running Clothes –  I want to wear short shorts when I run but I’m not that body confident so instead I suffer and sweat in California in my long pants.  In the cold you have to cover up and they make so many cute outfits to help you do so.   I love layers : )
3. Plyometrics – Additional training in every run just by hurdling piles of leaves, balancing over icy patches and dodging around puddles.
4. Calorie Burning - They say you burn more calories in the cold because your body is working hard to stay warm.  I must have burned A lot of extra calories because did I mention it was F***#@n’ COLD!
5. Faster Time – It might have been the fastest 3 miles I’ve ever ran.  There is no dawdling when the temperature is below freezing.
6. Easy Hydration – Snow, rain – you just stick out your tongue and get a little water.
7. Fresh Air – Something about the cold just makes it feel fresher and cleaner.
8. Always something new to see – In LA the run is the same no matter if you go in June or December.  But in Toronto the scenery is constantly changing.  Flowers in the summer, bare trees in the winter.  It feels like a new route each season.
9. Twilight – There is something magical about the sky in the evening up North.  It turns a gorgeous cerulean color and the world seems to get a little quieter.  It lasts for about half an hour, the perfect time to get a 3 mile run in.
10. Hardcore -Of course the real advantage is knowing that no matter what you are way more hardcore than the softies in California!


Thank you so much Sara - you rock and you are hardcore.  For the record - I am a NJ softie. I've been running on a treadmill all winter. I've got no love for icy snow-covered paths, layers or easier hydration when it's F***#@n’ COLD!  :)


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