Saturday, January 15, 2011

Skinny Jeans - a goal weight before and after

Hello there -

Sorry for the lapse in blogs this week- I'm in glorious, sunny, warm, snow, coat and cold weather free California... My 3 mile run yesterday was fantastic and as I ran past palm trees in a short sleeve tee and as the sun warmed my face, I felt like I died and went to running heaven.

Ahhh.  If not for a husband and a son I adore and miss, I might have made the decision to never go home but I probably will return to Jersey on Wednesday. I think.

Anyway, I wrote a blog about getting to my goal weight last week and Christine aptly reminded me that most people do like a little before and after action for such things.  I'm pretty much the worst picture taker ever - which is unfortunate because coupled with my crappy memory - I forget a whole lot of things. Lucky for me, I have a few friends and family members that are pretty good, so I can piece together things here and there.

I know that I did a before and after blog a month ago, so maybe this is redundant - but the "after" wasn't goal weight, it wasn't full length and I was wearing running attire... So, I figure all is fair, even if I did blow my before and after load, prematurely.

Now, I want you to know how much I love you because I really hate this before picture - it's not just because I was really overweight but I don't think it's a particularly good photo. But, you get the gist of the "before" and I guess that's the point.  And if I was a better picture taker, I'd have more of a selection.

I am the plus sized gal on the right
I'm here in LA with the girl on the left, she's a celebrity fashion stylist (and my bff) and finally helped me get out of sweat pants last night and into some real clothes. I haven't really shopped for anything new yet, because money is tight, and when I have a few bucks - I'm usually putting it towards running crap.  So I'm wearing her skinny jeans in this photo - (The word "skinny" has never been a part of my clothing vocabulary - ever.) and the blouse - is a favorite shirt of mine that I actually have worn since the size 20 days... It still works somehow.

wow. eat less + exercise. What a concept.
So there you have it.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to make my way to the beach for a little running and enjoy the rest of the sunny days... maybe I'll even treat myself to my own pair of skinny jeans.


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