Friday, May 31, 2013

The foods I've long broken up with

It's funny but my food life in no way resembles what it once did.

I can name about fifty foods I've permanently given up in my quest not only for weight loss but for good health. (Not to mention the gluten thing.)

I often laugh over what I once thought was healthy.

I would turn to Subway or Wendy's Chili and think I was "eating healthy" with total disregard of the chemicals, GMO's, preservatives and colorings in those foods. All that mattered at the time was the fat and calorie count. Made of plastic? Who cares? It's only a 6 point sandwich! Oy.

So here are the foods I've broken up with. It wasn't easy and I'll admit once in awhile there might even be a shady booty call (I'm looking at you mayonnaise and bacon - and for shame… sometimes at the same time) but for the most part they are out of my life:

1. All wheat. This is not because I'm noble or awesome but because I want to avoid the awful stomach ache that I finally figured out gluten (that bastard) was giving me.

2. All frozen 'diet' meals. I used to live on those Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisines. In my "must lose weight" mind these were healthy alternatives. Not so much. Filled with preservatives, sodium and many things I can't pronounce they are no bueno.

3. Splenda. I said good bye very clearly in February 2012 and talked about it in this blog post. No one loved this little 'miracle' packet of sweetness more than me. But after finally getting my head out of my ass and realizing that no good can come from a chemical I kicked my sweet frenemy to the curb and never looked back.

4. Diet Coke. This was a tough love to give up. I'm not sure when my last diet coke was but I think I can boldly say it's been over a year. Soda = poison in my mind now. Especially diet soda. I will never have another again.

5. Mayo. It's just too many calories and crap. I still have a little on very rare occasion but it's no longer my daily obsession.

6. Bacon, hot dogs, cold cuts. I also booty call these guys once in a while but they no longer are live-in boyfriends. I recognize the danger and very, very rarely will take a walk on the wild side. Bacon is just too good to give up forever…

7. Fat-free shit. I lived on fake-0-calorie butter spray, no fat mayo, fat free ice cream, fat free pudding, 94% fat free popcorn, 'light' bread, fat free cream cheese, fat free salad dressing. Name it, I ate it. YAY!  it's 0 calories and 0 fat grams! Who the F knows what these ingredient words are and who cares!? Whoopee!! Again. Finally figured out that I am probably better off with a little fat over eating shitty processed, plastic foods.

I don't miss most of these foods. I'm happier, healthier and better off. Somedays I will admit I miss the convenience - it was so easy to just throw a WW or LC meal in the micro.  When my weight is creeping up, I sometimes miss the idea that I'd just use the fat free shit to save some calories. Oh well. The new me would rather carry an extra 2 pounds and eat an avocado than give myself disease and bad health.

Have you give up any foods in your quest for health or weight loss?


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