Saturday, May 18, 2013

IronGirl Tri training and coupon codes for you!

I'm very excited for to start tri training for my first triathlon: The Iron Girl Sandy Hook event!

I have purchased a pair of googles, identified a bike I can borrow from my friend Roxy and just got these sweet sneakers:

I love new sneakers! 

I am still figuring out the pool. :/ Thankfully I have a little time still.

Baby steps. Got the goggles
now just have to find a pool

The most exciting news at least 10 of my Mom In Motion running buddies have decided to take the plunge and sign up too! We'll be representing at Iron Girl :-)


If you're ready to take the plunge too - you can sign up for any of these races near you and when you use the coupon code IGFINISHLINE you'll save $10!  Visit the IronGirl site and pick your location!

Lake Zurich – June 16th
Webster – July 21st
Pleasant Prairie – August 11th
Seattle – August 18th
Cherry Creek -  August 24th
Sandy Hook - September September 8th 
Bloomington -  September 22nd (Duathlon)
Clermont – Septmber 29th
Las Vegas – Oct 26th

Keep me posted!! Tell me if you'll be doing Iron Girl this season!! :) Hope to see you at the finish line :)

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