Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saying goodbye to your toxic friends

OK. So I don't mean "friends" like the cranky b*tch who shows up to a cocktail party and proceeds to bring the whole vibe down.

I'm talking about other friends and by friends I mean food and food products.

I've broken up with a lot of "friends" during this journey. Long ago I said good-bye to mayonnaise, ice cream, potato chips, soda… even diet soda... Oh sure, we bump into one another every so often but for the most part - they've been kicked to the curb.

I take great pride in having a "pretty good" diet most of the time. Whole grains, veggies, fruit, healthy fats are the base of most of my meals but deep down inside I know that there are other changes I need to make  that I've been resisting.  It's just annoying to have to give up freaking everything.

Like what?

Breaking up is hard to do
Like artificial sweetener. I use the stuff in the yellow packet or I did. It was my friend. So sweet, so tasty - no yucky aftertaste and no calories. Ah. What's not to love? A Weight Watcher's dream. I mean I shouldn't have to give up a sweetener. Pout. But...

Deep down I had suspected that this can't be the greatest stuff in the world for you, I mean it's pretty much a chemical - no? But I lived in denial of it and then my mom posted a link on Facebook that read: Toxic Chemical being sold as Health Conscious Sweetner.  It wasn't about the pink or blue stuff. It was about my stuff.

Now, it's not like I'm downing fifty cups of it a day. A packet here and there in my coffee and occasionally some in other items like oatmeal.

But still. Why am I going to use something that can be considered harmful? It's dumb. I quit smoking and mayonnaise and now I'm going to get cancer because of this crap? Ugh. So I have to say goodbye to my friend.

And please Mr. Yellow Stuff - don't come after me - what do I know? You might be 100% safe and awesome - I'm just not taking any chances.

I bought this tonight:

welcome to the family
And though it's got calories, it's low glycemic and I'll just have to use it in moderation. I *think* it's better than regular refined white sugar. I hear there is some debate about Stevia too - so I will skip that.

Who's next?

Well I am a salt addict and I have to work on breaking that habit. I also should say goodbye to a few of the pre-packaged processed frozen meals that I rely upon for the occasional lunch in a pinch.

All in good time. I can only lose so many friends at once.

These friends, however, I have no plans of saying good-bye to:

I will not be saying goodbye to coffee, wine or my
occasional martini - so sue me. Girl's gotta have some fun

How about you? What's your poison? Who do you have to break-up with?

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