Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stop fat-bashing Kim Kardashian

Stop fat-bashing Kim Kardashian already.

Seriously. Just stop.

I'm sick of looking at magazine covers and seeing them beat up Kim. Really. It's not cool.

No. I am not a fan. I don't even watch the show. (Well, there was that one rainy Sunday where I got sucked into a season marathon of episodes but that's not the point.)

I think it's absolutely disgusting that we are picking on a pregnant woman. I mean this is a girl so scrutinized in public for so many years and so used to having to meticulously worry about her diet that I wouldn't be surprised if she did let a little loose now that she's eating for two. I know I did. Many women do when they are having a baby. Is it necessary to make a villain of her because she's been having a few cravings?

I regretted my decisions to over-indulge because I faced gestational diabetes and the daunting challenge of taking it all off and Kim may or may not have the same challenges.

Yeah, yeah. She "reaps what she sows." Yeah, yeah - she "signed up for it" when she decided to become a celebrity but can't we as people have a little more class for a mother-to-be? Can't we imagine ourselves or our mothers, sisters or friends in her shoes and have a little compassion? I am sure that any pregnant woman with a changing body and tons of hormones surging that a little less cattiness and a little more kindness would be welcomed.

I don't know why it bothers me so much. Perhaps it's because, I was Kim Kardashian. I watched my body become something I wasn't familiar with and I battled with my own emotions of feeling out-of-control, insecure and not comfortable in my skin even though I was thrilled to be carrying my precious child. I don't know if I could've handled one person saying an unkind thing to me about my weight, never mind being publicly beat up on magazine covers. It just doesn't seem cool to take cheap shots at a woman's weight for any reason but particularly when she's pregnant and nourishing a baby.

Did you struggle with body issues when pregnant? How hard was it for you take off the weight? Do you think Kim is getting beat up or getting what she deserves?


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