Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

Happy New Year!

So I've been looking at other people's goals all day and trying to mull over some of my own. Coming up with some worthy goals has been tough this year for some reason.

But, I do believe in kicking off the New Year with some goals so here are a few:

2012 miles at a glance

1. Run more miles this year. In 2012 I ran 721 miles - my goal for 2013 is to run 722.

2. Run faster? Maybe. I found myself having a hard time running faster last year. I would have to beat a 2:19:58 half and a 26:46 5K. Might be tough but if I train for it, I could possibly get there. Lately I've been getting slower rather than faster so we'll see.

3. Cross train seriously. I will be taking yoga, boot camp and incorporating more strength training into my regime.

More of this kinda thing

4. Maintain my goal weight.

5. DRINK MORE WATER! Seriously. I have such a hard time with this but in 2013, hydration will be my bitch.

6. Keep this blog going.

7. Eat even cleaner.

8. Track my food at least one week a month (will help me with #4 and #7 and keep me on my game)

9. Run 4 half marathons and at least 2 5k races - to keep training for stuff.

Wishy-Washy goals:

Here are a few things I would like to (maybe) do. I know this is an all-wrong approach but I'm still trying to figure out how to accomplish:

9. Run another full marathon? Maybe. Once again I will throw my hat in the ring for NYC marathon. If I get in, I will train. I have no other plans to run a full right now - with a new TV show in the works and the film -- I don't want to fully commit yet… (I know that's lame.)

26.2 if I'm in

10. And I know this is lame too. I still really want to try a tri. I am still struggling to figure out a bike and pool solution. The gyms with pools are literally 3 and 4 times more expensive than my gym and way out of my budget. Now if some of these projects we are working on generate some money, maybe I can afford to take that plunge - sometime. We'll see. Still putting it out there in the universe just in case I can make something happen.

So that's what I got so far.

What are your goals for the New Year?



Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You ran a lot for being such a jet-setter! Getting into the NYC marathon will probably near impossible this year, no? If you are really throwing your hat in the ring, should I? Could that be my big goal of 2013???

Jen said...

Well, lame to admit, but it's probably an easier goal because it will be nearly impossible to get in (there is a good chance I'm actually banking on not getting in - lol) but it would be frickin' fabulous if we ran it together!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Be careful - I registered for the NWM lottery for the DC race thinking "nah, we'll never get in" and BOOM! We got in! I think it makes sense that you want to be cautious - you've got a lot going on in your career right now - its good to see how it goes. Your other goals are great! I've been thinking goals versus resolutions too!

abbi said...

Great goals for the year! I plan to bump up on the cross training side as well!

Holly said...

Awesome goals Jen! I am hoping to improve my 5K time and complete 2 half marathons this year.