Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you could run with anyone…

Who do you want to run with?
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I am a Facebook Fan of the ING NYC Marathon - I figure I might as well be as I'm planning on getting very lucky in the lottery this year and running it this fall. (Hey it's just as easy to be optimistic than not… so might as well put it in the universe. And if I don't get in, I can stalk all the people I'm jealous of…)

Anyway, every so often they pose questions to their followers - the other day they asked, "If you could run with any celebrity who would it be?"

There were runners who'd wanted a little comedy:
Big Ang (from Mob Wives)
Jim Carrey
Peter Griffen
Whoopi Goldberg
Ricky Gervais
Robin Williams
Robert Downey Jr.

There were runners who wanted to be uh, moved, by sexiness:
George Clooney
Ben Affleck
Scarlett Johanson
Ryan Gossling
Natalie Morales
David Beckham
Mila Kunis

Some wanted to run alongside political icons:
Nelson Mandella
Hillary Clinton

And finally others went a more Elite route:
Kara Goucher
Lance Armstrong
Dean Karnazes
Katherine Switzer

So got me to thinking - what celeb would I want to run with? Hmmm. I've thought about it all weekend and I'm having a tough time coming up with one! I would want someone who ran about my pace - someone that could muster something funny and / or motivational when need be. Huh. Gotta keep thinking about this.

But what about you? Who would be your celebrity running mate?



Jamie in Savannah said...

Well my celebrity girl crush is Kendra Wilkinson. She's a tomboy and has a filthy sense of humor. Kind of like me! I'd definitley want her for a running partner. We'd talk about our cute hubbies, share stories about our kids, and she'd tell me all kinds of dirty stories about living in Hugh Hefner's mansion. FUN!!

Caroline said...

I ran with Dean K already that is hard to beat...but ok for another one...

I'd pick Dara Torres for athlete
for non athlete

hmmm Ellen Degeneres for funny person..I am sure I would not get bored with her!!!

looks is not enough they would have to be interesting as well...someone with good stories..like Rob Lowe for example.

Mandy said...

I don't tend to follow celebrities much. I'm happy with my current running buddies.

But, if I HAD to pick a celebrity, I would definitely have to go for an entertainment factor. Caroline's Ellen idea sounds good to me!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Um, I enjoy me some Derek Jeter, and since he's an athlete, he might be able to keep up with me...

JessicaRuns said...

When I read this post I thought of Snookie from Jersey Shore, cause I would like to see her in pain and actually work for something.

I really want to run the NYC Half, I didnt make the lottery this year. But theres always next year!

Connie said...

Since I am at the VERY beginning of my journey to include daily activity as part of my life, a celebrity trainer is who I would pick! And that celebrity trainer would be...Jillian Michaels. She is used to training people who are as overweight as I am, and she wouldn't let me be a slacker and would yell at me to keep going. All things I probably need right now!

Jason said...

That is a good question and one I couldn't answer right away either.

I would love to run with a chef and talk food the whole time. It would push us to run faster so we could get to the kitchen and stuff our faces.

In the grand scheme though I would treasure a run with Mirinda Carfrae. Her form is perfect and running a sub-3 hour marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and cycling 112 miles would be awesome, even if I would have to lasso her to keep her close.

Jen said...

These are some great answers! Thank you so much. After thinking about this some, I'm still struggling. I kind of like Connie's answer though - Maybe Jillian Michaels or someone similar - a coach type. Someone who's going to kick my ass when I'm lagging, help me to focus on form but will impart words of wisdom and funny stories along the way. Sounds awesome.

That. Or Ben Affleck. ;)