Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover: People Magazine and Emotionally Healing

2018 is already leaps and bounds better than 2017. I feel very good about this year ahead.

Yesterday I worked out and meal prepped so going into today, I felt strong.

And today was a good day emotionally. As we build From Fat to Finish Line (the company), we've struggled financially. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I made the decision to dedicate myself to FFTFL because I believe in it. But sometimes it's tough. We are trying to survive on just my husband's salary and he doesn't make much. We are backed up in debt and have really had to downsize and adjust how we spend and live. Some days the financial burden causes a lot of stress and angst around the household and I'm pretty sure that stress didn't help my depression / overeating and alcohol haze of 2017.

While all of us behind the scenes believe in what we are doing 100% - we're still not generating money to pay ourselves salaries. We've all made sacrifices for this passion of ours and the people in our tribe makes it 1000% worth it. I have never, not for one minute, regretted my decision to push my chips all in and go for it. But still, in the meantime, we have to figure out a way to pay the bills.

So today I got invited to do some freelance production work for a local company and about a half an hour in, they invited me to work all week! This unexpected week of work is going to help our household tremendously. I used to work with this company a few years back and it felt good to be there. It gave me a good confidence boost to be amongst people who believe I'm a talented and solid worker. When you struggle with depression and have had a few set backs, sometimes just a little thing like this can help remind you that you're not a piece of shit good at something. It's easy to start to feel worthless and lose your sense of ability. They are also very supportive and super impressed of what we are doing with From Fat to Finish Line and that's very cool.

Food wise I did well. And I'm still well within my Weight Watcher's points :)

And in bigger and better news - check out this amazing article in People Magazine about my very good friend Mike Bauler.

Let me tell you a little bit about this guy. I met Mike last February or so. I was convinced by Rik Akey (original FFTFL Runner in the film and head coach for the company) to run Ragnar Del Sol. Mike was in my van and I immediately judged a book by its cover. I looked him up on Facebook and without knowing one thing about him, immediately thought, "Ugh. I'm not gonna get along with this guy. He's young, good looking and a very, very fast runner." My own insecurities about being old, chubby and a very, very slow runner kicked in and so I immediately pegged him as "cocky."

Well, turns out, I was a total asshole. He couldn't have been a better van mate. Supportive, kind, protective, and motivational. He is a great guy. And the more I learned about him the bigger of an asshole I became for pre-judging him. This guy volunteers, takes his kids to their games and karate lessons, never complains about having to squeeze in his Ironman training around kid stuff and work, and is the commissioner of a wheelchair basketball league. Cocky? So, so far from it. I learned a great lesson from Mike - never, ever assume shit. It was super unfair of me to do that and petty. I could've missed out on having a great friend if I held on to my first impression based on practically nothing.  I now consider Mike one of my closest friends and I'm lucky to know him. Even if he is obnoxiously fast. ;)

How's your 2018 going so far?


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