Friday, May 11, 2012

Post race blues: What's next?

Jersey Shore
Nothing like coming thru your race season and feeling that sense of loss. I ran Surf City in February, Hollywood in April and most recently (as you may have heard from my hubby) New Jersey Shore this past week.

Whenever I race and have nothing left on the schedule, I always feel this sense of blah. A little lost, a little aimless, a little itchy. I like having a race on the calendar. Running is its own reward but races make me run a little further, try a little harder, having a goal means something to me.

So now what?

Yep, I'm running Ragnar in January and that's super, super exciting. But That's 8 months away!

Although running ING NYC marathon this year would've probably been very, very challenging due to all the commitments on my plate, I was kinda counting on getting in to spur on my training mode. Well that didn't happen.

I guess I'll have to start thinking about fall races to take me thru the summer. I know my hubby is also already looking forward to his next half. Maybe I'll do Atlantic City again...


How cute are our MIM jerseys?
In other news, I am a new member of a running club! I was invited to join the Bergen County Moms In Motion! While many are new runners who are training for their first 5K - I'm honored to join them. We'll be meeting at my favorite park every Saturday morning and I'm looking forward to joining the club. Many are nervous and consider themselves, "non-runners." I'm hoping to be living proof that anyone who has the health, the feet and the commitment, can be a runner. I'm sure that these special mamma's will inspire me in ways they'll never know and I'm excited about it. This will be a new experience for me. I've almost exclusively run by myself since I started running 3 years ago! I'm often jealous of friends who have others to do their long runs with. Maybe I'll even find my own running buddy!

Do you get the post-race blues?
Do you have any fall races lined up yet?
Do you belong to a running club?
Do you have friends you run with or are you typically solo runner?


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