Friday, May 4, 2012

Running a race without racing

First medal with Angela

That's always a kinda goal in the back of my mind going into any half marathon. At very least, I'm always thinking about running the best I can and 'leaving it all out there.'

This Sunday will be different.

This Sunday I will be running the NJ Shore half marathon in Long Branch.  I LOVE this half. It's extremely special to me.

First of all, it's in the Dirty Jerz. My home state, it's my bro yo.

Secondly and more significantly, it's my anniversary half. In 2010 I toed that starting line with anticipation, a little bit of fear, wonder, hope and determination… later that day, I crossed the finish line a half marathoner - a runner, it was the first real goal I'd ever made and completed and it changed my life.

Last year, I took a full half an hour (maybe more) off my initial time.

This year, time will not matter. I will not be PR'ing and I might even finish worse than my first year!

And it's awesome.


Because I'll be doing this half with my husband. This will be his very FIRST half. I will run at his pace which is probably around what I was doing when I first started running. Marty run? Run a half marathon? This is a miracle - I am so grateful for. A good habit he just might've (well definitely) caught from me. ;)

I had the privilege, pleasure and bestowed kindness to run my first half alongside one of my best friends, Angela. I know her engine was revving to run the speedy pace she could. She walked when I had to, stopped for water when I needed a break and took pictures when I wanted to pose with mile markers. That first half was epic and it was made more special because my friend selflessly ran every step by my side.

This Sunday I will do the same for my hubby. Cheering him thru every mile, reminding him to hydrate and fuel up - I'll take pictures for prosperity and I'll keep him moving when he (maybe) hits the wall right around the 10 - 11 mile mark (at least that's where it happened for me!) And then I'll get to experience that once in a lifetime joy of crossing that finish line by his side.  His life changed forever. And mine too… I'll have the privilege and joy to be there for his first time. Every step of the way.  How awesome is that?

PR? Who needs a PR?

Have you ever paced anyone?
Did someone pace you for your first race or races?
If you are interested - read about my very first half here and last year's 1st anniversary run here.


PS:  I LOVE you guys. thank you for the outpouring of love, support and cheerleading with the film. It really is gonna take this village to raise an awesome film and words can't describe how appreciative I am of you guys.

PSS: Still owe you a BL post… might not happen. Truthfully, after the walk-off and all, it was kind of an anti-climatic finale. I'm yawning over the thought of a post. Kim looked awesome. I will say that. Sick body. Wow.
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