Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Never say never

So around mile 11 - 13 on Sunday I swore up and down, "Never again. Never another 13 - this isn't necessary." My legs were on fire, my back was aching, what was I doing?

Though as it was happening I was proud of what I was doing, the pain was still throbbing thru. It was a "nice run." I made it across the finish line - But no more marathons...


Yeah. Right.

I stuck to that idea until I wrote the "eh" blog of the other day. Where, already the wheels were churning on how to pick up my pace.

And then I got the Jersey Shore marathon email... And I signed up!

So, here we go again... the journey continues.


PS: I ran / power walked two miles again to keep moving and to break in the new sneaks...
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