Monday, September 20, 2010

8 Miles and only 6 days until the next half. Oh my.

INSPIRATION - I can do it again
Well, today I ran 8 miles. I feel pretty good considering that I feel half-assed trained. Calf is a little sore, hips feel a slight bit stiff but I actually feel better than I did when I originally ran 8 miles in my first round of training for the first marathon. The last time I hit 8 miles in training, I had to ice and elevate for an hour, nap for 2 hours and it pretty much spent me for the day. Today, I actually came home and went about my business.

So, though I reached 8 miles, I am a little nervous about this shing ding on Sunday. I wish I had started taking training a little more seriously sooner. While I'm happy about the 8, I definitely was starting to feel it in my legs and I'm not sure how I'll add another 5 to it.

Oh well. I'll do my best. I often look at my medal and my hat from the NJ shore marathon for inspiration and remember that half the battle is won with my mind. The other half will have to hope that my legs don't seize with cramps and my feet don't fall off ;)

And speaking of inspiration, this was great inspiration that my friend Karen posted on my Facebook wall today - thought I'd share it.

As they say, if you want to do something, then do it.

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