Friday, October 1, 2010

Safety reminders

So I read this blog today from my friend Lesley at Racing It Off.  It was really sad and a good reminder that while we are on a quest to get fit and keep running, we always have to be diligent about our safety and surroundings.

A young woman in Dallas is in critical condition tonight after she was accidentally struck by a bicyclist last night on a busy path shared by joggers and cyclists.  Apparently the young woman was probably listening to headphones (like most of us!) and didn't hear the biker come up behind her.

Ugh. So tragic.

To make matters worse, it took a good while to identify her because (often like me) she wasn't carrying ID during her run.

So, I guess the lesson is, be alert, run with one ear open and carry some ID - We run for a lot of reasons, to challenge ourselves, relieve stress, keep in shape - not to risk our lives.
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