Saturday, September 25, 2010

Less Than 24 hours to run 13 miles - new kicks

Well, here we go again.

Less than 24 hours from the big day.  Funny how different it feels from the first time. But none the less, I'm excited, nervous, and looking forward to tomorrow.

At race time, I imagine it'll be pretty perfect running whether as the projected high for the day will be 70 - I'm estimating around 60 degrees for a nice brisk start.

I "treated" myself to new sneakers - though truly, after logging as many miles as I did on the other ones, I know they are more like overdue necessities.

While I was tempted by the pretty colors of the Asiacs and the funky cool Nike's I ultimately settled on another pair of Saucony's - they not only carry my size (an unfortunate 10.5 women's) (You try to find 10.5 in running sneakers, almost impossible.) but they have the support my over-pronating feet really need. So though they look pretty much identical to the ones I already own - it is what it is.

I was in for a sweet deal - the Saucony Progrid Hurricane's I've been eyeing were on sale from $139.99 to $99.00 at Sports Authority PLUS I had this great coupon for The Sports Authority: SAVE $25 off $100 purchase to boot. I added a pack of "thirst quenching" gum to my purchase to bring me over $100.00 and used my coupon.  Got sneakers for around $75.00.  Awesome.

Feel free to print the coupon in the link - it's good until January 2011!!  :)

So wish me luck. I might not be quite as trained but I will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line. Tomorrow at this time, I'll be reporting back about my second VICTORY.

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