Monday, June 17, 2013

Tri Training: Cramping my style

Angela and me at Culver City Pool - pre swim class

I am sorry my posts have been few and far in-between. Bad blogger.

One thing I'm learning about this Tri training is, it's very humbling and it's not for the weak at heart or the vain.

I have spoken of it before and I hate to speak it again. I really do try to be all positive, 'rah-rah' I-love-my-body "because it's strong" and "My legs are perfect because they are healthy" but the truth is, I hate my upper thighs. They are dimpled with cellulite, wide and white. Pretty - right? So putting on a bathing suit makes me want to die. I literally had to talk myself out of buying a suit with a skirt because I figured that wouldn't be conducive to Tri training…

But I've done it. I am wearing a bathing suit in front of other people on the regular - one without a skirt. I guess maybe the up side is it'll help me get over myself. I mean, if I hated how I looked in a bathing suit before, I only get more attractive when the swim cap is taking away all my hair and the goggles are on. Oy.

To make matters worse the damage lingers. The other day I noticed that I was developing dark circles under my eyes - WTF!? I later realized that it was left behind indentations from the goggles. Boy, Triathlon training is trying to make me feel ugly! ;)

It's all good though. I'm enjoying the training and mixing up the different sports. I'm still not great in the water but I'm trying.  And I've only been on a spin bike but I plan on picking up a real-life outside bike pretty soon.

Last week I was in Los Angeles and had the chance to take a swimming clinic with SCAQ and once again under the coaching of Clay Evans - Olympic medalist swimmer. No pressure. Truth is, he's super nice and super supportive of us 'guppies.' I learned a few good tips and also learned that I am a very ineffective breather. I tend to lift my head out of the water instead of just tilting my head to the side. Who knew? I'm told that breathing right will save me crucial energy and time - I just have to figure out how to do it right. It doesn't feel natural to me and I feel like I'm going to swallow a lot of water this way. It's something I have to practice.

Unfortunately, I had to quit the class a little early. It's a full hour and 40 minutes in my calves and feet began to cramp awfully. I shook it out the best I could but by 45 mins in, even Clay told me to grab a towel, "Enough for you for today." He was kind, he did say that when you're not used to using your feet and legs like this, it happens. I still felt disappointed though. I definitely only had about 18 oz. of water that day and hardly anything the day before so I was probably dehydrated to boot. But ugh. So annoyed with the cramping. The upside was that it was the most straight swimming I'd ever done - up to that point my swim workouts have only been about 20 minutes.

This week I'm heading back to KY to finally wrap the pilot we've been working on. There is a beautiful lake there and my friend and producing partner and I are planning to do some open-water swimming for practice.

Rip and Jen - we ran out of time on line to meet him so
we improvised this picture!
Also while in Cali, Angela and I went to see a very interesting lecture / book signing with Rip Esselstyn who has written 2 books about being "plant strong" and living a life without meat, dairy or fish. His latest book is "My Beef With Meat." His father was one of the Doctors in "Forks Over Knives" and both the movie and Rip have very compelling reasons for living plant strong and meat free. He was an all-American swimmer and triathlete. He is now a health activist and author. He's pretty interesting and you should check him out. It made me want to "someday" consider being somewhat meat-free. I actually do believe it's probably best I'm just not ready to make that move. Though I think I will begin to strive for more meat-free meals.

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How do you get over feeling insecure or self-conscious in a bathing suit? Would you ever be completely meat free?


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