Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Facebook and running - Perfect together

I love Social Media. I admit it I have an obsession, addiction, appreciation for Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media has played a HUGE role in my running success. In fact I can easily say that I would be a whole different person with a whole different set of friends right now if the computer and all of its offerings weren't at my fingertips during this journey.

When I first started running I used this blog and Facebook to help keep me accountable. In those early days, the support and Facebook "likes" really motivated me to keep going.

I also found that the minute I started posting about my running - running friends came out of the woodwork to offer sneaker shopping recommendations, ideas about where to run in my town, training programs and so much more.

Looking back on the last three years I use social media DAILY to keep me motivated, to gather information, and yes - even (especially) to brag. For better or worse, many a long run was fueled by knowing that I was going to get to show off (just a bit) about that run!

Yes, Facebook, Twitter and this blog has been crucial to my success. I'm not sure where I would be without it.

Consider this - Thanks to social media:

  • I have found some of my closest running friends both in Jersey and across the country
  • I got an invite onto the 'Fat To Finish Line' Ragnar team that we're making a film about
  • I figured out a way to run multiple half marathons and one full
  • I became a top five finalist for Progresso Soup's "Souper Me" contest back in 2010
  • I found a way to keep track of my good days, bad days and all those miles! What would I do without Nike+'s social media and Daily Mile?
  • I got hooked up with Moms In Motion and many more friends
  • I was inspired to do yoga
  • I was motivated to try Facebook Challenges like this one I'm doing for March
And so much more.

Who doesn't get a little pick-me-up when a inspirational running quote scrolls past you on your feed?

Thank you I <3 a="" run="" to=""> for daily inspiration on FB!

I can't count how many times I've posted or tweeted running-related questions about countless things: Nutrition, foam rolling, pantsing my poop, suggested play lists, hydration systems, races, etc to get varied answers and feedback from runners across the globe. It's amazing. 

I honestly don't know if I would've stayed on this path if it weren't for social media, this blog and the wonders that come from my computer. I have to give it a lot of credit.

It also warms me to say that thanks to my own Facebook sharing, I've inspired a few others to get out there and give running a shot - it's a wonderful thing.

What about you? Do you think that Facebook, twitter, the computer age has helped your fitness / running?


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