Thursday, November 22, 2012

I might be a mess but I'm a thankful mess

Some of my fav. running peeps...

Even though I've been up in weight and feeling ick lately, I would be remiss if I didn't take a pause for the cause (i.e., stop bitching and moaning for ten seconds) to count all of the blessings and great things in my life, especially today on Thanksgiving day.

Despite some of my latest blog postings, I do try to live my life in a state of gratitude. I can probably list 1000 things I am actually grateful for but I will spare you and come up with just a few.

Today I am thankful for:

The peeps. Son, hubby, sister, momma and papa, best friends, Moms In Motion, you guys who read my blog, I'm lucky to have you all in my life…

The Running. My anti-depression drug, my anger management, my celebration companion, my blood sweat and tears, my "I can do anything" proof, my provider of bling, my weight controller, my bringer of more peeps, my everything, 'the journey,' my friend.

The Running Stuff. Sports bra, Nike+ App, Simple Hydration water bottle, my Garmin watch (yes it co-exists with my Nike+ App, Ignite gels, toe socks, good running songs, great (other) running blogs, Runner's World magazine, Saucony and Brooks sneakers (yes they coexist in my closet), fun races, bling, oh  this one could go on forever…

The food. (with the food issues I'm particularly thankful for) Avocados, oatmeal, brown rice pasta, beans, peanut butter (and chocolate peanut butter) Chipotle, Amy's Organics, Udi's bread, Applegate farms yogurt cheese, bananas, walnuts, dirty martini's (is that a food?)….  oh this one could go on and on forever too.

The blog. Wow. How did I get so lucky to have over 329 of you care enough to follow my journey and rantings!?

The job. I work as a health blogger and copy-write editor for a company close to home. I'm so blessed to have this position as it is flexible enough to allow me to grow my production company but keeps food on our table. This job has been crucial in allowing me to pursue my bigger dreams… which leads me to being grateful for...

The film. I'm on this awesome Ragnar team and we are making a movie! I love my partner in the film and I get to be a part of this amazing journey. How cool is that!?

The basics.  Food, shelter, clothes on my back, clean water. We often take these "basics" for granted, millions world-wide lack or fight to have the basics. Even friends in my very own New Jersey are finding themselves without because of Hurricane Sandy.

The health. Without that, ya got nothing.

Oh I'm grateful for plenty; from episodes of Kitchen Nightmares to my car making it to the gas station when it's beyond "E" -- my life is awesome and I'm really a lucky girl.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What are you most grateful for?


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