Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple Hydration review and giveaway

this thing even ran Kona!

I am always struggling to figure out how to keep hydrated on my runs. I'm the type of gal that NEEDS to bring water if I'm doing anything more than 3 miles. I've tried to go 4 or 5 without and it's never good. And on long runs I need to bring coconut water (I can't do traditional sports drinks so, particularly for a half, I need to bring my own.) 

I've tried belts (they annoy the hell out of me) and ditto most handhelds (though those are slightly better than belts for me.)

Usually I just carry a disposable water bottle but I hate that that's not the greenest thing to do and I always have to carry it until I get home since I want to at least properly recycle. It's hardly ideal.

While googling "running hydration" I stumbled upon this newer product called, "Simple Hydration." And it looked like something that I actually might not hate!

Brian Hock - runner and
Simple Hydration guy
It was designed by and developed by a runner, a guy named Brian Hock -- so I knew that he knew all of the concerns us runners would have. I loved that he raised the money for his company thru KickStarter as it told me he was passionate and believed in his product.  

So I sent him a note and asked if I could try one for review. He agreed and sent one on its way.

I have to say, I LOVE this thing!

It looks like this:

See how it's thin/kinda flat and then hooked. That's the magic, people. It's designed to comfortably slip into the waist of your running shorts, race belt, pocket - even the back of your sports bra!  And it works!

Holding it in hand (which I did for much of my half) was way more comfortable than a regular hand-held or traditional water bottle. The body is narrow so it just "fits" in hand easily comfortably.

I first tried it on a long run of 8 miles with my running buddies Nicole and Kerry. They both were enthralled with it and checked it out - they gave it thumbs up too. I kept it in my race belt and forgot about it until I was thirsty. Even filled, it was pretty light and comfortable. I used it to carry my coconut water in for my Atlantic City half and it rocked: 

woulda been nice of me to not be such
 a mess for this pic but did just run 13.1
Tried to jazz it up with my medal 

It's BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe and holds 13 oz. of liquid. It sells for $19.99 and you can order it here.

The owner of the company offers this advice for ensuring the right fit: 

1) On Waistband:
- Be sure you’re using drawstring shorts.
- Be sure that you pull the drawstring pretty snug first, then slide the bottle into your shorts. Most people naturally have an open area in the middle of their back so the bottle will slide in/out easily. The snug drawstring is what holds the bottle in place and keeps it from moving around.

2) On Race Belt:
- Make sure you pull it snug like a drawstring. Then slide the bottle into the belt. Runners have put the bottle(s) on the belt in various locations, so wherever it feels good and works.

3) In Jog Bra:
- We’ve had female runners mention that they slide the bottle into the back area of their jog bra and say it works really well.

Want to try to win one of these bad boys? Brian is offering one to a reader!


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How do you hydrate for a run? Let me know if you decide to try this product!! 


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