Friday, May 20, 2011

Ten reasons why I'll be running this marathon no matter what

Yeah, I know I've been the most uninspiring blogger ever… Setbacks, aches, pains, complaining, whining… Yee ha. It's a miracle I have any followers anymore - and thank you for the four of you who still check in from time to time :)

Oh, it hasn't gotten any easier since my last post. I felt slightly better the other day, enough to try to run and that turned into a 2 mile run/walk after getting lightheaded and nauseous about 2 seconds in.  The last two days I've dealt with a killer migraine that has been reigned in by overdosing amounts of Excedrin.  Oy. 15 days away from a marathon and I haven't run in 8 days. FABULOUS.

So what's gonna happen on race day? A whole lotta "sucking it up, buttercup" a whole 26. 2 miles of freakin' sucking it up. That's what. There's really no choice in the matter.

Despite all the bellyachin' and cryin' and everything else I've gotta do this.

Ten reasons why there is no turning back:

10. I've invested in too much stuff. I have gu's and sports beans, hydration packs and all kinds of crap that really only marathoners need. I will not have these things go to waste.
9.  Instead of worrying about the time I haven't run, I'll be damned if I let all those 3 and 4 hour long runs go to waste.
8. The bling of-course.
7.  I bought this shiny 26.2 decal begging to be stuck on the back of my trashy little car to jazz it up. This will be a whole $2.50 down the tubes if it remains un-stuck.
6.  I paid a whole lotta money for SD entry fees, flights, etc - it would be quite ridiculous to waste it now.
5.  If Dean K. can run across the FREAKIN' USA and EMZ can run for 24 hours on a FREAKIN' treadmill, then I surely can figure a way to crawl my way for 26.2 in San Diego.
4.  For Lesley, my coach and friend who I know will drag my ass if she has to, for Jason B. who I know will be cheering me on from afar and for Sara P and her mother Darlene who I'll be running 25th and 26th miles for. You guys have no idea what you mean to me right now.
3.  I spent some of my sick time downloading about a million new songs for my iPod and I'm looking forward to the jam.
2.  Pain is temporary and pride is forever. I will be devastated if I don't do this. Quitting is not an option so that leaves me with a marathon to run.
1.  Because on June 6th I will wake up a marathoner.
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