Thursday, June 3, 2010

day 30 - 115 days to go - baby stepping and baby running

I went back to the gym today with the sole goal of doing the bike.  I even managed to get my own sneakers on today, though it felt pretty uncomfortable on the toe, I was happy to be in them.

I was on the bike and damn it, a good song came on.  I just had to try.

So I got on the treadmill and ran.  Oh it was not a pretty run - it was stiff and funky - I probably looked like a zombie from night of the living dead, kind of dragging my left foot.  And it wasn't fast (like 3.8) AND it certainly wasn't long - only five minutes, due to pain and the fact that I feared the zombie walk could lead to injuring my hip or knee, (such bad form) - BUT- none the less run I did.  Zombie foot drag and all, I enjoyed it and felt a renewed hope that I'll be on my way once again.  

After my five minutes of running, I went back to the bike, rode a couple of miles to burn a few calories and limped  back to my car feeling pretty victorious.  Tomorrow, maybe I'll run for six minutes... 

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