Sunday, May 2, 2010


I DID IT!!  I DID IT!!  I DID IT!!  I ran 13.1 miles!!  YAY!!!!  AND the universe really tested to see if  I was for real about this journey or just messing around.  Oh yes, it did.

After my burger and fries last night, I couldn't sleep.  I kind of tossed and turned until 3:30 AM until I got up and was sick to my stomach.  REALLY?  One cheese burger and I'm up all night with nausea and heartburn.  UGH!  No sleep and tummy ache.  BOO.  Luckily, after being sick, I was able to get a good solid two hours of sleep in which was more than I thought I'd get.

No sweat.

Then we get up and the rumors are true.  Record breaking heat and humidity.  Honestly?  Come on, now.  Mother nature, work with me here!!


That was a quote that someone had posted and it was my mantra that got me through this run -- 

the locals were fantastic, hosing us down with water:

Putting out signs for us:

Little kids high fived, boy scouts gave water, old and young hooted, hollered and cheered us on and without that - it really could've been miserable.

My running partner, coach and the greatest friend ever, Angela pulled me through the WHOLE TIME.  She took pictures, motivated me and really has no idea what she did for me.  Not sure I can even put it in words.  THANK GOD that she was with me.  It was the most special experience of my life.  My gratitude is unexplainable.

I ran some of the run with this guy - he's done a marathon in every single state in the country TWICE.  And his total marathons (FULL MARATHONS) are 160!  He was running the full today.

So here I am at the Finish Line.  A day about 3 months ago, this journey started - and here are Angela and I crossing & with our medals.  I'm overwhelmed. 

Thank you for giving me a reason to keep writing, for reading this and for encouraging me to never give up.


Truer words never uttered.  This is just the beginning.



PS:  I almost forgot!  I did it in time -- under 3:30 - official time not available yet but we came across around 3:20 something!!  


Unknown said...

Woot woot! Thanks Jen. You have inspired me so much and I am so proud to have been able to experience this with you. I love you!

Unknown said...

Love you too!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jen ... although there was never a doubt in my mind. I was hoping for cooler weather for you but I guess that wasn't to be. I'm so happy for you .... now on to bigger and better things! Woo Hoo!

Frannie said...

Congratulations!!! The pic and posts were amazing. I had the live news feed on my computer but it was too blurry to see much so I'm glad you had a pic crossing the finish line. I will be revisiting some old posts soon to download running songs and look up your tips... who knows.... maybe I'll join you next time! Congrats again.

Unknown said...

Thanks Frannie -- If you want, we can pick out a run in October - plenty of time to train and we can do it together! Let me know :) I would love it!

Unknown said...

Thank you Kathy! See you at WW on Saturday!

Azrhiaz said...

Sorry my comment comes late, but I was inebriated in Vegas at the time sitting on a 29 yo's lap.

So glad to have "been along" on your journey, Jen, and that victory and so much more is yours! *high five*

Unknown said...

Thanks, Karen!! I want to hear all about Vegas and the 29 y.o.!! ;)