Sunday, September 1, 2013

Count down to Iron Girl race day and some thoughts on triathlon

In exactly one week I will be competing in the Iron Girl Triathlon!

The decision to go for my first triathlon was a scary one at first but it has been immensely rewarding. I've really loved learning to swim and bike ride again.

Jen from the documentary on the left running to the finish with her family
I am dead center looking all official with the camera filming the moment for the documentary
I am really getting into the sport and while in Maine last week to film and watch friends Jen and Angela participate in Rev3 Orchard Beach I got to swim in the ocean for pretty much the first time. It was FREEZING but I was also proud that I didn't drown and that gave me some confidence. We were lucky because while cold, there weren't any real waves and the water was calm. I'm sure if my first time in the ocean was rockier it wouldn't have been such a good experience, so I'll count my blessings. 

It was incredibly inspiring to watch the Rev3 Triathlon again. It is an Olympic and Half distance race. It was exciting to watch everyone give such effort and it was a beautiful day.

I was so proud of my friend Angela who did her first OLY distance and she was one of the only people in the race to do the run in a tutu! 

I love this picture of Angela. It is so her!
The big downside to Triathlon is that it's expensive and there really is no way around that. 

I'm lucky because I got a hand-me-down wetsuit (thanks Ang!) and I borrowed a bike for the summer from a friend (Thanks Rox!) but if you want to get seriously into the sport it will run you.

Even my borrowed hybrid bike has cost me a pretty penny. I had to put new gears on it and have it tuned up, I invested in a bike rack, bike pump, bike chain and other little bike accessories. And now I'm getting knee pain and I will have to pay about $65 hour to get it properly fit. The knee aches only last thru the day after riding and then it goes away. I might suck it up for the race (it's only a ten mile ride) and then decide if I'll fit it or not. I have to talk to Rox, the girl who lent it to me. If she's in no hurry to get it back then I'll fit it. If she wants it back then I'll wait until I get my own bike. 

Still, even with the expense and pain in the knees, triathlon training is fun. I like mixing up my workouts and not just running. 

With Iron Girl right around the corner I'm feeling excited and a little nervous. I'm mostly nervous about the swim I mean who could forget my first Tri water experience just a few weeks ago?

I am blue cap in the middle with the look of, "OMG, Help me."

And what scares me (just a bit) my first tri was in a lake and not the bay. AND the distance was half of what I'll need to conquer for Iron Girl. 

I think the bike and run will be OK if I don't run into anything too unexpected like mechanical issues or something.

I won't be allowed to run with music which will be interesting - I definitely enjoy my runs with music! 


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