Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 people at the gym I just don't get

When the weather sucks I head to the gym to use a treadmill - one of the upsides to using a treadmill is the opportunity to people watch.

While the majority of my fellow workout peeps are just going through their own workout there have been a few folks that have made me scratch my head and go "hmmm." I see these type folks EVERY time I go to the gym and every time I see them I think, I need to blog about this. So here it is.

Here are four gym goer types that I just don't get:

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  1. The dude in jeans. Uh. I don't get you, sir. I admire your commitment to fitness but I can't see why you're in jeans. They are heavy, don't breathe and let's not begin to consider the chafing that can occur. It wouldn't be so weird if it was a fluke thing (I mean I even did a little run in snow boots when I was in Kentucky just because I was desperate to run and didn't have sneakers with me) but I've seen a few jean-clad dudes at the gym and it just seems like an unusual wardrobe choice for working out.
  2. The text-ercisers. I get it, once in a while something important happens and you might be interrupted in the middle of your workout to take a call or send a text. I'm not talking about that guy. I'm talking about the guy who drags at a 1.1 on the treadmill, texts for 20 minutes and goes home. Huh? I've seen a few people do this and it always makes me scratch my head. If you're going to bother to get to the gym don't you want to make it count a little? I guess it's better than just sitting on your ass and texting which leads me to…
  3. The seat warmers. These are the folks who got their asses to the gym to apparently warm seats all day. They sit on the exercise bikes or a weight machine and seem to never actually use the equipment. Often they are text-ercising or chatting with other seat warmers. Sometimes they are the dudes in jeans or they are…
  4. The prom queens. These are the girls who show up in very fancy workout clothing or short-short shorts and a Victoria Secret bombshell bra under a tank top. They sport perfect hair and makeup and usually have something written across the ass of their short-shorts. The prom queen almost never works out alone. (To be fair I'm usually pretty jealous of the prom queen's legs - perfect even though they don't work out hard.)  Prom queens can usually be found side-by-side on an elliptical machine having a conversation about something like last night's episode of The Bachelor. Even though they are on an elliptical, they move slowly as to not have their makeup melt or a boob pop out. If one goes to the bathroom the other immediately becomes a seat warming text-erciser. 
Anyone at your gym that you just don't get?

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