Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The best run ever and a little more yoga

I was going thru my blog and revisited my goals and races page to check something out when a comment caught my eye. I'm sure I saw it when it came in but paid no mind. Today it made me look twice. It literally read:

Whoa. Seriously. Out of all the runners out there, you Google "Worst Run ever" and I come up!? Way to put out the good vibes into the universe - eh?

So I was curious. And I googled "worst run ever."

And sure as shit - there I am in the number two spot.

I couldn't even remember why it was The Worst Run Ever but then I looked it up. It actually was a pretty bad run - I remember the day now, I was supposed to run 10 miles and could barely do six. I walked a bunch during that run (something I almost never do) and couldn't find my groove. Oh well. Anyway if you want to go back in time, here is the post

So what about the best run ever? 

Well, it probably wasn't my best ever but I'm determined to turn what I'm putting out in the universe around and today I had a great run. It wasn't my furthest or fastest but it felt good.

It was only 3 miles but lately I've been really sitting in my comfort zone when it comes to pace. I've been running a 10'30 to a 11 min mile lately. Now don't get me wrong. It's still an effort, I don't feel like I'm crawling at that pace but I am fairly comfortable. So today I decided to dial it up just a bit. I wound up running an avg. of 9'48 - but really, my first mile was at an 11' (warm up mile) and the last 2 were around an avg. of 9'12 each. I was out of my comfort zone for five minutes at a time (alternating between 6.5 - 7.0 for five minute and returning to a 6.0 / 6.1 for 'recovery' - slightly speedier 'recovery' than usual too). It was tough but I loved eyeing the dude on the tread next to me who was 20 years old and never went above a 5.8 and was dying. hee hee.

I finished feeling exhilarated.

And in other fitness news, my journey to yoga continues. I went this morning and I still suck at it. I still feel awkward and inflexible and struggle to come anywhere close but it's a work in progress. But I have to say that the instructor is very encouraging and patient with me. She takes a lot of time modifying moves and demonstrating the way I should attempt poses and that's really cool.

I was thrilled to meet a future runner in class. She is in the midst of her weight loss journey and has already lost a lot of weight thru yoga. She is plus sized but she was awesome at yoga and very inspiring to me. She randomly mentioned to the girl next to her that she was thinking of signing up for a 5K and the couch to 5K program. Well I lit up like a Christmas tree, I was so excited for her! She said that she ran for one minute the day before and it was significant for her. I told her that was exactly how I started! I hope to run in to her again and that she really starts the running thing. She has no idea how it can change your life. It completely changed mine.

How are you doing? Yoga? What was your best run ever? Worst?

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