Thursday, August 26, 2010

The honeymoon is over, can this running relationship be saved?

Forgive me friends for I have sinned, its been about almost a month since my last post and I've seriously neglected this poor little blog. Which isn't right. This blog helped me run a marathon for the love of God! It helped me shed nearly 20 pounds and it helped me find a little confidence along the way.

So what happened?

It lost that loving feeling... whoa that loving feeling. 

Actually I lost that loving feeling. 

When I first started running, it was like a new shiny relationship. Interesting, unexpected, no grasp on where things might lead. Every new day was met with a little rush of excitement... Friends cheered me on, there was always new gadgets to learn about, a new tip to take in, a further milestone to reach!

Then we got into a good groove. I loved running and running loved me.

Eventually, we (me and running) got married. Partners for life - I will run forever! I do!

The running "marriage" was great at first. I knew what to expect, I knew how hard I could train before "feeling it," I knew what songs got me going, but the "kiss" began to be not quite as exciting and slowly, I've started to take the "relationship" for granted.  

I'll often think to myself, "Eh, I'm not going to go as far, try as hard today. Two miles is good enough for exercise. I've already got a ring on it. I already ran a 1/2 marathon - I have nothing to prove anymore. Tomorrow I'll throw on the lipstick and heels. Today, I'll just coast."

Bad. Bad. Bad.

The honeymoon might be over but as any of us who's ever been in a long term relationship (with an actual person) knows, this is the part where the work really counts. You can only get by with complacency for so long before things start to melt away without even realizing it's happening. I need to keep challenging myself, finding ways to keep the relationship fresh and keep on going or before long my sneakers will be sleeping on the couch and I'll become a lump and wonder where it all went wrong. Or something like that.

It boils down to passion. Passion for running, for life, for love... without passion, we are merely existing and not living. Sometimes passion doesn't fall into our lap, it's up to us to make it, fake it or take it anyway we can. 

You may lose the "thrill" of the first kiss but there's something to be said about the warmth that comes from the confidence, security, dedication and commitment from being in a supportive, solid relationship. Running has given me a foundation, its up to me to maintain it.

I gotta bring sexy back. So, I'm putting on some lipstick and lacing up the "heels" (or sneakers) and I'm working on saving this relationship!


What do you do to re-energize your exercise programs?
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