Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello world! I'm still standing (and running!)

Hello and sorry for the lapse. I think of this blog often but with 10 blogs to write a day over at nj.com - I'm usually all blogged out.

Here's some good news - I'm back to running. I'm still not running for hours a day but have been managing to run about a half hour at a time a few times a week.

Also, thanks to Frannie, I've taken the plunge and "officially" signed up for JC 1/2 marathon in September - so, I've got to start getting seriously trained, ASAP!

And the best news - my weight loss journey is continuing in the right direction and I hit the down 75 pound  mark this past Saturday. I've only got about 10 pounds to go to goal! :0)

It hasn't been easy and it never will be but I am proud of myself for never giving up.

Hope you are doing well.

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