Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Whole30 Program Day 3: OPA!

Things are going well for me. So far so good.

My poor hubby was pretty crabby today - I think he might be in the hungover/angry phase.

I realize that I am possibly a little ahead of the game because I kicked my diet coke, artificial sweetener, most sugar and gluten habits long ago. I was off dairy for quite a while too, I'm hoping all that experience will keep this program going along smoothly.

I do however miss a drink! Tonight as I was cooking all I wanted was a glass of wine or perhaps a martini to look forward to. It wasn't a bad craving, more of, "gee it would be soooo nice right about now" but it's out of the question.

Anyway, the meals were tasty - breakfast was eggs, a sweet potato and some avocado.

For lunch I made egg salad that I wrapped in lettuce leaves and had with the butternut squash soup.

And for dinner…

I made the epic of all dinners.

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday night is to catch up on our DVR and pick up Greek food. There is an awesome greek place by us but since we are Whole30'ing it I knew that I'd have to get creative so I decided to do Greek night.

Grape leaf and baba ganoush prep

Well. The good news, It came out very tasty! OPA!

salad, cauliflower rice, baba ganoush, gyro meat and grape leaves

The bad news? It took me hours. It was a very lofty goal and ambitious and now I'm exhausted. :-) I probably won't be doing Greek night again very soon - at least not all of it.

We had:

Homemade grape leaves (Dolmades) RECIPE HERE
Homemade gyro meat RECIPE HERE
Homemade Baba Ganoush RECIPE HERE
Homemade Cauliflower Rice RECIPE HERE
and a little cucumber, tomato and red onion salad with a simple dressing of lemon juice and EVOO

And no wine.

Hope you are doing well!


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nikki said...

nice looking dinner, jen the cook!!