Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tri Training and The Bike: On a Roll

I am so sorry running but I have a new love.

I didn't mean for it to happen. I thought it was just innocent flirtation. I'll never leave you completely but I have to admit it.

I love the bike.

Today was my second time on the thing and I rode for 12 miles. I felt 100 times more confident and it just felt so good. Even in the oppressive heat I caught some nice breezes and my favorite park whizzed by. It also was 100 times more comfortable because my triathlete friend Scott from Train Fat Boy immediately caught that my bike seat was waaaay too low when he saw my last post and urged me to fix it.  Luckily, today's ride was with the Moms In Motion and Dana (our fearless coach and leader) helped me get it adjusted right. Wow - what a difference proper seat height makes!!

I am second from the left pink shirt - MOMS In MOTION ride

I got my ass out of bed on a Sunday morning at 5:30 AM to be at the park by 6:30 AM - Unheard of! But once out the door I felt good and I was so happy to be on that bike path. Maybe I can become a morning person after all.

I can see why triathlons are so addictive. I'm having a blast mixing up my workouts and learning new things. It's scary, challenging and fun all mixed into one.

After the bike I ran for two miles and even the run was slightly more electric - I felt bad ass for just riding for an hour and now was running too.

I've been keeping up on swimming too. I am coming along - slowly. The good news is, I'm not afraid of the water. I grew up with swimming lessons and flapping along in the deep end of pools and lakes. The bad news is I'm slow and not a particularly great swimmer. I've been studying YouTube videos to get proper technique and they've been helpful - but I've learned that there's a LOT to think about. How I tilt my head to breathe, how you point your toes, flex your ankles, not to kick from the knee, tuck chin and stare to the floor to make sure your hips float more and your kick isn't too deep, fingers together, stroke…  etc, etc. so much to think of and I feel like it takes me forever. But even still. I've never finished a swim session and hated it. I always enjoy my pool workouts and am looking forward to getting somewhat competent. (I know. I aim high. Just keep swimming and don't drown is really the goal.)

But poor running. I just don't have the same passion for it. My runs have been 2 - 3 miles lately. With this baaaaad heat and humidity I haven't had the motivation to run longer. I guess that's OK for now as I have no half marathons on the calendar. I do have a ten mile race in October that I can't forget about though.

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Have you discovered anything new along the way that you enjoy to do more than or as much as running?

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