Monday, July 5, 2010

New Challenge 30 minutes / 30 days

Hi all -

Sorry I've been MIA -I've been blogging like a crazy person for my blogging job. It's been great and rewarding. They even asked me to take on more writing because they've been pleased with my work.  :) The downside, it leaves me with little "extra" time and this poor blog is suffering.

I've been keeping up with running. Although I haven't been running for as long as I'd like. Because it's so hot, I've really been forced to keep it on the treadmill and I get bored. So I find myself doing around 30 minutes. I'm going to sign up for that 1/2 marathon in September and its about time I start training for that... hopefully getting back on a running regime will help me to work past that "block" at around 30.

In any case, 30 minutes of exercise is still good for the heart and helping manage weight.  So with that said, I'm challenging myself to a 30 day challenge. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day for 30 straight days.

I'm on day 2.  So far so good!

How are you guys doing?

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