Monday, July 5, 2010

New Challenge 30 minutes / 30 days

Hi all -

Sorry I've been MIA -I've been blogging like a crazy person for my blogging job. It's been great and rewarding. They even asked me to take on more writing because they've been pleased with my work.  :) The downside, it leaves me with little "extra" time and this poor blog is suffering.

I've been keeping up with running. Although I haven't been running for as long as I'd like. Because it's so hot, I've really been forced to keep it on the treadmill and I get bored. So I find myself doing around 30 minutes. I'm going to sign up for that 1/2 marathon in September and its about time I start training for that... hopefully getting back on a running regime will help me to work past that "block" at around 30.

In any case, 30 minutes of exercise is still good for the heart and helping manage weight.  So with that said, I'm challenging myself to a 30 day challenge. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day for 30 straight days.

I'm on day 2.  So far so good!

How are you guys doing?



Abbey said...

I'm in! I drove to the Santa Monica stairs today and did one lap then went home. I was in the WORST mood. I worked all weekend and then my car door panel fell off when I opened the door. Yes, the WHOLE door panel. I borrowed Jay's car but the stairs were crowded and I didn't want to cry in front of a bunch of pretentious stair climbers so I went home. My sweet boyfriend followed me home and fixed my car. So tantrum over and car working.

Jen said...

:( Oh Ang. i know that mood - been in it many a time. I'm sorry about the door but glad you're back to the steps and driving!

Frannie said...

Well, how's it going?! I ran the 4 mile race on July 4th... felt great, so I did another 4 miles the next time at the gym several days later, then had massive ankle pain (anterior) and some minor knee pain for several days! Icing and some rest helped and then I took it easier for the next run (a really slow 3 mile walk/run). But this small setback has me worried about training harder for the half in September. Any thoughts?! Did you deal with this type of stuff?

Jen said...

GREAT job for July 4th! I had all types of pains when training - I iced, elevated, rested and popped advil. I can't give you much advice because it depends on how serious the problem is? You should talk to a doc or chiro about it. If they say it's normal wear and tear, then it just comes down to hobbling around like a rock star (which is what I did - especially on those 6, 8 , 10 mile training days) pain was present it was a badge of honor - i guess.

Frannie said...

Well... you're right. The pain faded with a couple of days of ice and rest and I go back to the gym and hit 5 miles (slow with some walking in between miles). OK... if I keep this up a little bit more, I think I'll be signing up for September!

Jen said...

Great! I have to get back on track, myself.