Friday, July 19, 2013

Jumping in the lake feet first

Only two days until my first tri!


I'm a little nervous but mostly I'm excited to see if I can do it  to DO IT!

Last week I was in KY wrapping up our production and I had the opportunity to swim in gorgeous Lake Herrington.

I also got to try out both a long and short wetsuit, courtesy of one of my best friends and business partner, Angela - who dragged both her wetsuits to KY just for me to try. (Yeah. She's the best.)

First up, trying on the full wetsuit. ohmygod how the hell am I to get into this thing? It was trying to shimmy into spanx that were 10 times to small but harder. I never quite got the crotch part to where it probably should've been but it was good enough.

I looked down at the dark deep water. Hmmm. OK, here goes nothing.

I loved it. It was so much fun and so much better than swimming in a pool. The wetsuit (no matter how annoying) was great too. I felt like a superhero and I felt a million times faster. It was great. I did a quarter of a mile - which is the distance for this weekend.

woo hoo! I didn't drown! 

A few days later I decided to go in the short one.

Short wetsuit was so much easier to get on - and jump.

Well, this day the water was way more still and I kept having the feeling that things in the lake was bumping into me… drift wood? Fish? Turtle? Loch Ness monster? I don't know but I started to get a little freaked out but still - I went for a half of mile and felt victorious.

mental note: low bun to avoid scary cone-head look

I am so glad I got some open-water swimming in while away.

And when not swimming - kicking up my feet and relaxing on a boat wasn't half bad either ;)

Angela's feet left / my feet right 
See you on the other side of my first triathlon!! ;-)

Do you prefer swimming in a lake, the ocean or a pool?

PS: I still have to pick a winner from the giveaway. I'm sorry I'm tardy with that. Will do that this by next week.



Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Go Jen!! And I prefer to be able to touch bottom when I swim! Way to attack your fears!

Julie said...

Way to go Jen!! Enjoy the last few days of not-nerves ;-) and enjoy your first tri!!

Good luck!!

Unknown said...

As I'm currently reading this, you're probably done. Congrats on getting there!

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

Awe look how happy you are! Great job taking a couple dips in the lake before you tri!