Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sprained ankle - Way to go

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I am so f'in upset with myself. I ridiculously sprained my ankle last night.

It was a very un-athletic/non-stotan night of vodka tonics, skinny-jeans and high heels... and I missed a step (where'd that come from?) and fell on my ass - my overpriced cocktail soaking said skinny jeans in the process…


No Firecracker 10K tomorrow.

No nice shoes for the GRAMMYs.

No idea when I'll be able to run again.

I could cry I'm so mad/sad.

I'm RICE'ing today but it's swollen and purple and it hurts. A lot.

Way to go.


I'm swearing off drinking a lot and hope to be recovered now soon.


3 hours later….

OK, so now that I'm done berating myself - I am moving on - please leave advice on what I should do to heal faster - also any one have any idea how long I should not run for?

I also will say that post pity party, I'm thankful that I didn't hurt it worse, break it, or break anything else.


Kathy said...

Oh no ... that sucks! Rest, get better and enjoy those GRAMMYs!!!!!

Caroline said...

I am so sorry..this sucks.
you need some good girlies movies and some ice cream!!! hang in there

Marty said...

I'm so sorry babe. :( Kathy is right. Enjoy the Grammy's, even if you cant wear cute shoes.

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I'm so sorry! That sucks. What did the doctor say about when you can run again? I would listen to his advice, not ours :)

Sara said...

Oh, Jen! How miserable! I'm sorry to hear. Get well soon and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts (can that heal you!?). My only advice would be to stay off your feet as much as you can, which I know might be difficult with the Grammys. Keep doing the RICE thing and hang in there! :(
(P.S. - I would be furious with myself too).

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. That is a bummer....
I hope it heals soon. Have fun at the Grammys!!

Unknown said...

Hanging in, been "rice-ing" have not seen doc - I'm feeling better, I'll stay off for at least 2 weeks to be safe.

reluctantmomma said...

try to do an ice bucket soak - fill bucket with cold water and add some ice - then draw the letters of the alphabet with your toes in the bucket - in other words....encourage controlled movement to keep the edema moving- reduce swelling -

also - try towel stretches - carefully

the moral is that you want to keep moving (controlled motion) to encourage the swelling to go down -

ibuprofen and don't beat yourself up!!!

Good luck:)

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

awww jen =((( I wanna give you a big tight hug! Hope you heal soon! Will be praying for your speedy recovery. and yes, it could be worse! mwah!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, it's feeling better - don't even need advil. Swelling is down still sore - will give it a full two weeks before I run but will probably start exercise bike by Thursday.