Monday, February 14, 2011

On the bench - injuries suck but GRAMMY's rocked

So yeah, it's been a tough few days.

I am really missing my run. I'm starting to feel a little panicked between not getting to train for the marathon and slipping back with my weight.

Especially the weight.

The first thought that came to my mind as I was resting was, "well, skinny jeans were nice for the ten minutes I could fit into them." I've never been able to maintain a weight loss before so my injury brings up a million and one fears of waking up 90 pounds heavier over night. Add to it, being away from my family and feeling out of my food routines, well… "panic" is an understatement.

I am hanging in there though.

The good news is, I'm able to calm myself down better this time around. I know that my weight loss was slow, smart and steady - I also know that I have the tools needed to get through this and persevere. This is just a test, a two week bump in the road on the journey. It is no time to panic but a time to grow. Maybe look at it as a great time to take a mental break as well.  I'll be back in no time.

And the better news - it's feeling much better. Still a little sore but the swelling is down and the color isn't too bad. I didn't even need advil today, so it's a good sign.

I was disappointed that I missed the Firecracker 10K - here's my unused bib and tee shirt.

My sad unused bib… but how cute is the tee?

And last night was my trip to the GRAMMY's. So. Much. Fun. I think my favorite performance was Cee-Lo but so much was so good that it's hard to say.  It was great, I even figured out a way to save my outfit (no heels) but wore some cute boots that looked kind of rock n' roll with my outfit. 

Here's a picture of my friend & biz partner Dan and I posing with some fun props at the after party… I friggen love that disco ball and almost stole it! Dan's old school boom box is pretty fab too.  ;)

Sigh - hope to be up and running soon. When I am ready to run, what should I do? Ease back into the routine? Anyone ever go down the sprained ankle road? Advice?  



Caroline said...

You lucky gal! You were at the Grammys!
Loved Keith Urban and John Mayer the best!
Also Mick Jagger
You will not gain 90lbs
Are you allowed to use a bike at the gym?

Sara said...

You look so pretty! I'm glad you had a good time - I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Feel better soon!

Jason said...

You look awesome in that pic. You have learned what not to do and what to do and you won't forget that in a moment's notice.

If you can get on a bike or swim I would do that. Those are low impact on the ankle until it heals completely. And make sure it is healed completely before trying to run again. You won't lose fitness that fast either especially if you can get on the bike or in the pool.

Stay STOTAN b/c you are.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys -- I fly back to Jersey tomorrow and while I don't have access to a pool, plan on getting on the bike and doing upper body work/ab work ASAP - definitely will give ankle a full two weeks, the last thing I want to do is rush back to running and really set myself back.

nikki said...

ease back, jen... you'll be lacing up your sneaks in no're a rock star!!!

Molly said...

great photo! Take it slow with the ankle, you'll be back at it in no time.

Unknown said...

thanks! I'm going back to gym tomorrow and will do bike/weights and stuff that doesn't stress it…