Monday, November 26, 2012

State of the union: An update on recent goals


OK, so last week I was freaking out about my weight, messy house and life in general.

I made a few goals to try to reign the crazy in and I thought I should update you (as not to let you think that I'm just making up stuff, never to follow thru.)

Here were the goals and the update is in red.

Goals for my week:
  • Super duper clean the house. I'm a happier person when things in my house gets in order. The home chaos just spills into everything else. Well, I didn't "super duper" clean, my poor son came down with a fever/strep throat so my house cleaning time was cut. I did, however, super duper clean my kitchen and bedroom which were the two rooms that needed it the most, making me feel much better.
  • Track all of my food at Spark People. Yep. Did this. Even on Thanksgiving.
  • Hydrate. My friend Angela told me about this free App "Idrated" it's kind of dumb but for some reason it is making me drink my water. It beeps at you and reminds you to drink water and gives you little rewards for getting it in. I was skeptical I'd use it but I have. So there you go.  Yep that dumb App is working for me - 7 days fully hydrated and counting!
  • 15 miles running. Close, 12 miles. I was going to run 3 yesterday but my legs felt sore after weight training and decided to take a rest day. Happy that I got a 5 miler in this week. 
  • 30 minutes of strength training (starting slow -- new goal to strength train.) Did it! 
  • Bonus: I have a groupon for a gym that does boot camp, pilates, yoga, spin and Zumba classes. The groupon is for five classes. I will try to use one this week. Maybe yoga - I thought I hated Yoga (because I'm so gawky and non-flexible) but I tried it once (remember?) and want to really give it a fair shot. I am looking to truly start to cross-train, I think it'll ultimately make me a better runner. Nope, but i blame it on limited time due to sick kid - I did buy a fantastic groupon that gave me 30 yoga/bootcamp or toning classes for only $20! And I plan on using them!  
You may or may have not seen my subsequent post about freaking out over my weight. At my WW weigh-in I came in at 151 pounds. My happy weight is 144 and I don't like to get much above 147 so that freaked me out a bit. I'm feeling a bit better with perspective on it. I think I've dipped back below 150 and will continue to mind my food and activity closer until I'm back in my comfort zone.

Hope you had a lovely holiday and your week is going well!

Have you ever bought a fitness related groupon?



Allison D. R. said...

The only way I work out any more is fitness Groupons! Did 1 month of unlimited bootcamp classes at 1 studio, then 10 bootcamp/yoga/strength training classes at another studio. Doing 1 month unlimited Bikram yoga right now, then 10 spinning/bootcamp/strength training classes at a 4th studio in January. And I think I have a Living Social for an unlimited month of yoga to use in the next couple of months, too. :) Enjoy your yoga classes!!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Great job setting goals and achieving them! Lists really work! Didn't make one today and got nothing done!

Beth @ More Than True said...

Thanks for the tip on iDrated. I'm going to try it out and attempt to get back to drinking enough water.

Anonymous said...

I have actually "over - Grouponed" myself. I buy almost every yoga one I see and have since not been able to use them on time. Luckily I can use them for the face value eventually but I have to be careful!

Unknown said...

Ha! I hear ya R.O.C. - I can see how those groupons become addictive!! Nice work Allison! TY Linda :-) Beth, Idrated is a free silly app but it has totally motivated me to keep on track and now I'm actually on a hydration streak. This is easily the most hydrated I've ever been in my whole life!! Sad but true.

Jason said...

I started Bikram Yoga last week and it kicked my ass. I mean I had to stop because I was getting dizzy and was so sore during the class.

I am going back because:
1- I WILL NOT let bikram yoga beat me
2- I love punishing my body.....haha!
3- Sweating is good stuff

Stick to your plan my friend and all will be good!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice

Amy Z said...

Hi! I am late to the game and just found your site. I am excited to see another NJ runner/blogger (l just moved to NJ a few months ago). Your story is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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